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In the wake of official ban by Russian Court, a messaging App Telegram began to resist. Neither about the terrorism or malicious activtiy, Telegra was banned due to the heaviest raising funds, i.e $2billion from its ICO in two private funding rounds.

In support of Telegram, on April 22, Mr.Durov threw paper airplanes from their Window and calls supporters from across the Russia to stage new protest in concern with Telegram messaging App and against the government’s effort to block it.

The Paper Airplane represent Telegram’s logo and as act of protest, some activists flying these Paper Airplanes at the Country’s notorious security agency’s headquarters. While doing so, few protesters have also been arrested.

Mr.Durove wrote, “On Sunday, April 29 – Next Action”/

Last week, on Telegram’s refusal on handing over the encryption keys to the Federal Security Services (FSB), regulator Roskomnadzor began enforcing a court ban on messaging App. In response to Court’s order, Founder Pavel Durov insisted that proxies and VPNs were the part of prohibition. Citing privacy, telegram deny to share the key and private data – In addition, despite the ban, Telegram promised to keep app running.

“For 7 days Russia has been trying to ban Telegram on its territory – with no luck so far,” the still defiant founder of the encrypted messaging service posted to his personal channel. “I’m thrilled we were able to survive under the most aggressive attempt of internet censorship in Russian history with almost 18 million IP addresses blocked.”

Telegram has been the hub for millions of users worldwide – When it comes for cryptocurrency, It has become a core point to promote a crypto project. So What do you think of Paper Airplane Protest and Mr. Durov’s force on urging Russians to fly them?

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