Survey finds 31% of Brits are crypto curious, but lacking information

A recent United Kingdom-wide survey on attitudes to cryptocurrency showed that almost a third of respondents are curious about investing in digital assets.

Crypto trading platform Ziglu commissioned the survey through OnePoll, a market research firm that polled 2,000 Britons.

However, of the 31% who expressed an interest, 62% have held back because they do not understand the market, and 43% say that they do not know a safe way to buy crypto.

This lack of quality information doesn’t hold back all potential investors though.

Of the 14% of those surveyed who had already bought cryptocurrency, 13% claimed to have no prior investment experience whatsoever, while 23% considered themselves novices in the field of investing.

Digital assets were found to be most popular in London, where 30% of respondents had bought crypto in the past. This figure dropped to 9% in Wales, the least crypto-savvy part of the U.K.

Cryptocurrency is certainly gaining legitimacy in the U.K. public’s eyes. Asked how they would invest £100 ($137), more Brits chose cryptocurrency in their top three (30%) than real estate (19%).

Although perhaps the bigger surprise is that 19% felt that investing £100 in real estate was a potential money-spinner.

31% of respondents placed gold in the top-three, beating out crypto by a nose. Ziglu CEO Mark Hipperson said:

“Our survey highlights the importance of financial inclusion, and that is why we will continue to spread the word not just about how crypto works but also how easy and safe it can be now to buy and sell.”

Ziglu allows account holders to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly through their mobile app, transfer it to other account holders, and use it for purchases via a debit card.

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