ShareRing Banks on Blockchain to become the Sharing Economy’s Amazon

The project is creating a platform and a universal token to pay for shared goods and services.

The sharing economy has developed into a social philosophy of life and consumption. This emerging industry is now worth over $100 billion, with key segments such as car sharing and rental services forecast to grow by 25% to 35% annually. All else being equal, the total value of the sharing economy will reach $335 billion by 2025, according to research data.

Unfortunately, the sharing economy is highly fragmented at present as many platforms operate on local markets. All of them have separate sign-up procedures, rules, and bonus systems. The hassle with registration and the lack of integrity scares off potential users, forcing them to opt for something global and popular even if it has less advantageous conditions.

ShareRing is a game-changer that will remove the barriers which prevent the sharing economy from transforming into a truly global, all-embracing phenomenon. This project has the ambition to become the Amazon of the sharing economy by enabling people to access any asset available for share via a single platform. It is a platform designed specifically for sharing things and services – no matter where you are or what you need.

Share anything, pay with one token

Most people know about the sharing economy, but few of them can name anything apart from Uber and Airbnb. ShareRing is a place where you can share anything, from space and tools to cooking skills. The system is so simple that anyone can join and reap the benefits, paying with a Share token – no more fretting over currency exchange, credit cards, or cash.

ShareRing provides a secure way to share services anywhere in the world and pay for them with a globally accepted token and transactions processed on the spot.

Simplicity and inclusion are the basic principles of ShareRing. The platform is simple and scalable, which means it can be used both by companies and individuals, seasoned sharers or novices. A single ID provides a seamless way to register and prove your identity across different services within the ShareRing ecosystem.

The platform is based on the ShareLedger blockchain, a core technology that enables universal access to all assets within the ShareRing smart system. Apart from traditional blockchain benefits such as immutable records and transparency of transactions, ShareLedger will permit additional attributes to accounts and rule customization for assets or wallets.

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