Serenity Adds Two Partners Amid Successful ICO

Blockchain-based escrow service provider Serenity joined hands with Atirox and Make Capital Group to expand its business reach worldwide.

Atirox is a pure ECN/STP Forex brokerage firm, and this partnership will give Serenity access to a wide range of Atirox’s clients scattered in Asia, CIS countries, Africa, and the Middle and Far East.

Commenting on this partnership, a representative of Atirox said: “We believe Serenity can become an industry standard that will protect individual traders as well as other market participants from deception and fraud. Serenity aims to make FX and CFD markets more transparent and a safer place for retail traders who are the most vulnerable party in the financial markets.”

Make Capital, a venture by ex-Alpari UK executive, with its No-Dealing-Desk (NDD) execution trading platform provides service to both professional and institutional clients.

“Serenity is a quite unique project that has every chance to become a game changer in the financial industry in nearest future. It is the first blockchain-based marketplace for traders and foreign exchange brokers. We support every effort that Serenity undertakes to bring more transparency to financial market as well as more protection and confidence to traders,” Stanislav Efremov, CEO of Make Capital, said.

Expansion after ICO

Serenity is a blockchain firm which provides escrow services to financial and crypto markets. It recently had a token sale event by which the firm raised around $4 million.

Financial transactions are complicated, and the lack of proper escrow service leaves brokerages to engage in a lot of trusted transactions. Serenity is leveraging smart-contracts to build trustless and transparent escrow services which will benefit both traders and brokers.

In an exclusive interview earlier this month, Serenity’s founder Stanislav Vaneev told Finance Magnates: “Serenity will protect participants with a smart contract which will ensure trading and other activities are conducted according to the market rules and practices and at fair prices so that nobody is hurt or cheated.”

“Transparency is achieved by recording of the trading operations to blockchain. Recording trades and other operations will guarantee that no trading data is changed, amended or cancelled in hindsight. These fundamental principles of Serenity platform secure the safety of trading for brokers and traders alike,” he added. “Serenity will provide everyone with a tool to check the validity of transactions and to dispute trading activity if one of the parties disagrees with pricing or the way trades have been executed. Brokers have always been a kind of backstage companies, closed to prying eyes, and traders have always been vulnerable in the face of brokers.”

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