Senator-Elect Lummis Appoints 'Crypto Cowboy' Lindholm as Policy Director for Wyoming

The newly-elected crypto-loving Senator Cynthia Lummis has announced that she will be having Tyler Lindholm, also known as the ‘Crypto Cowboy,’ as the Policy Director for the State of Wyoming.

State Rep. Tyler Lindholm is a former representative from Sundance and was a Co-Chair of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force back in 2018 and 2019.

Lindholm, A Long-Time Blockchain Sponsor

Lindholm was known by the crypto-community for his support of several blockchain initiatives. Amongst his most notable records include his sponsorship of 13-blockchain enabling laws that aimed to establish a framework for blockchain development.

Back at that time, Wyoming became known for being one of the first US states to come up with legal standards that eventually paved the way for greater blockchain adoption. As an active member of the blockchain community, Lindholm’s stint as a Co-Chair for the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force was instrumental in the passage of the Digital assets-existing bill and the Utility Token Act. Both of which were landmark legislation with respect to the blockchain community.

The Digital assets-existing bill sought to establish a classification for digital assets and their recognition as property, while the Utility Token bill aimed to exempt a select set of cryptocurrencies from securities laws as long as they meet certain government-mandated conditions.

When Lindholm was first asked about why these bills were important, he said:

“The [blockchain] laws are safe and secure. From the money left in my campaign, I will focus the rest of funds to candidates that will attract business to Wyoming.”

Lindholm’s Track Record With The Blockchain Community

Lindholm also led the BeefChain, a cattle supply chain company that utilizes blockchain to verify their produce, as a Chief of Ranching Operations.

Above that, Lindholm was well-received by cryptocurrency firms like Kraken and IOHK, to the point that they even became one of the major sponsors of the latest Wyoming Hackathons. According to Charles Hoskinson of IOHK:

“When a politician takes a chance and gives you open arms and embraces your industry, you give them something back.”

The prospect for blockchain gaining institutional and government support appears promising in the state considering that it has a senator who is supportive of crypto, as well as a policy and legislation board that is progressive when it comes to digital financial technology.

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