Savedroid CEO to be Grilled at Frankfurt BBQ

Savedroid CEO Yassin Hankir remains in Frankfurt and is expected to be at the Savedroid community BBQ on May 9th. At least, that is according to him and the Savedroid ICO telegram chat.

Audacious Exit Scam, Appalling Publicity Stunt, or a Learning Moment?

Bitsonline first reported the exit scam on April 19th. Within hours of publishing, news broke that the exit scam was, in fact, an elaborate stunt intended to educate would-be ICO investors about the risks of investing in startups in an unregulated and poorly understood market.

We updated the story with this news and promised readers we would continue to monitor Savedroid’s antics. Since Hankir claimed his exit scam was an elaborate hoax, he created a new website explaining his motives. He then posted a youtube video detailing – without much detail at all – how they planned and pulled it off.

Footage of the Savedroid CEO writing a few bullet-pointed ideas on a whiteboard and staff closing the office doors behind them, followed by a slideshow of tweets from enraged investors is anything but elaborate. If that is the level of sophistication Savedroid intends to bring to its crypto investment fund, investors have more to worry about than their $50 million USD being stolen. The video, an insult to nerve-wracked investor sensitivities and an assault on intellect can be found here:

Not Even His Admin-for-Hire Telegram Admins Can Get It Right

Bitsonline contacted the admins of the Savedroid ICO telegram chat seeking clarification over Hankir’s whereabouts and intentions. One admin’s name changed during a private chat to “Dorado support”. Dorado is the name of another ICO, “the next UBER on blockchain for all deliveries”. Another admin, named Patrick, provided us with an email address to contact Hankir with questions. The Savedroid CEO failed to respond to our inquiries.

Between the two admins we were assured unequivocally that Hankir had never left Frankfurt and would be in attendance at the Savedroid community BBQ scheduled for May 9th, albeit at an as-yet-undisclosed location. One might imagine his appearance would be met with an icy reception.

Black Mask, the Riddler, or the Joker… Which One Would You Let Look after Your Money?

Savedroid remains, in the eyes of many, an exit scam ICO with a dumbfounding and drawn out denoument to distract investors and law enforcement – from which the founder either backed down or remains in the middle of. For the more hopeful, the “let’s pretend this is an exit scam” antics were distasteful, but the company is legitimate. For others, the company is sound, with a unique approach to public relations.

Whichever of these explanations proves correct, Savedroid is an AI-assisted, cryptocurrency-based fund management company. Fund managers tend to conduct themselves, at least publicly, in a sincere and conservative manner, lending them an air of trustworthiness among investors who rely on them for their financial security. One way or the other, Savedroid is unlikely to find trust going forward.

As for Hankir’s promised appearance at the community BBQ, only time will tell whether that will be fulfilled. If not, it would appear the hoax was a hoax and he is possibly on that beach in Egypt. If he does make an appearance, he looks set for a roasting the likes of which he has probably never been subjected to. And deservedly so.

What do you think? Did Savedroid steal its investors’ money, conduct a tasteless PR stunt, or deliver an important lesson for everyone to learn? And if it is legitimate, what is the company’s prospects of success?

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