Robo-Trading For Crypto Derivatives Launched By Delta Exchange

Crypto derivatives platform Delta Exchange has launched a robo-trading marketplace to offer customers access to automated trading strategies.

Delta Exchange is pioneering the sphere of stablecoin-settled contracts and supplying one of the largest markets for Altcoin Futures. The company’s mission is to provide efficient ways for retail and institutional investors to participate in derivatives trading. It is dedicated to helping clients leverage high-quality derivatives investment opportunities.

The company’s new Robo Trading Marketplace will enable traders to ‘subscribe’ to any of the five momentum pools using BTC or USDT. Each strategy will then programmatically trade BTC, ETH, DeFi assets, top crypto-assets to low-risk cash and carry strategies.

For context, open interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum derivatives hit an all-time high at the start of this year and the robo-trading industry in traditional markets sees more than $1.4 trillion AUM. The introduction of robo-trading will give retail traders a hassle-free way of participating in the algo trading in crypto markets.

According to Delta Exchange, their goal is to become the go-to platform for robo-trading in crypto.

“The majority of trading volume in traditional markets is powered by automated trading and we are increasingly seeing the same trend in crypto markets,” said Pankaj Balani, CEO of Delta Exchange. “The launch of our robo-trading marketplace aims to provide our customers with the ability to gain access to sophisticated strategies in crypto derivatives space without getting into the complexity of coding and maintaining a trading strategy.”

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