Ripple [XRP]’s regulatory director says – We’re moving away from ‘blockchain: good, crypto: bad’ view to real applications

Ripple has reached $0.91 yet again moving closer to the $1 mark. With a community of loyal HODlers, Ripple and XRP have both hit the spotlight all the way through this year. With a bag full of collaborations and new launches around like Santander for example, the team is pushing all barriers to hit the benchmark.

Herve Tourpe, a knowledgeable technologist, and online influencer sat down with Jeremy Allaire and Ryan Zagone during a talk where they discussed Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Ryan Zagone is the Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple.

Herve Tourpe tweeted:

“For established Blockchain companies Circle and Ripple, there’s no doubt: Crypto assets will become prevalent throughout financial systems soon. As Ryan Zagone puts it, in 2018 we’re moving away from “Blockchain: good, crypto: bad” view, to real applications.”

Bobby Lee, a speculator tweeted:

“Could XRP, Ripple ever be worth as much as Bitcoin is now said $8000 is that even possible for a crypto like XRP?”

With the entire crypto industry on a positive side and expecting further gains in the overall market, this is an additional note from Ripple’s side. Majority of the crypto influencers and popular heads in the space have given out their opinions and statements with predictions and their own perceptions about the emerging technology and the shooting market prices.


Ripple has been growing tremendously for few weeks with the prices gaining traction recently and comfortably sitting a $0.88. The market cap is now worth $35 billion and is still increasing by 5% as observed in the past few hours.

Crypto giants and huge investors have all stated and are waiting to see XRP break the barrier to reach $0.95 very soon before ultimately touching the $1 line. Just like XRP, many other coins are experiencing great increments adding on to the market cap which now stands at a whopping $420 billion. This is an all-time high value as seen in the past 2/3 months and with such pace, it is expected to reach further highs.

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