Ripple Storming To $1.00 And Beyond

Will it happen today?

Could we finally see Ripple hit the $1.00 target?

It’s funny isn’t it, a few weeks ago, if somebody told you Ripple would hit $1.00 in the middle of April you might have laughed. Really, it did look impossible. Not only through Ripple’s own low value but moreover, through the poor state and climate of the markets. Essentially, pessimism took over, I believe this is something we are all guilty of exerting.

The annoying thing about all this is that right now, with Ripple teetering on the edge of $1.00, those ‘experts’ who called it and said ‘Ripple will hit $1.00 in 17 and a half days’ or whatever, will now experience that smug feeling, the feeling of ‘I told you so’ even though really, their estimations may only have been down to gut feeling and coincidence.

Either way, it looks like their gut feelings had some bearing. Thanks!

How is Ripple doing today?

At the time of writing, Ripple is valued at $0.913 and is up 4.77&. There is a small way to go yet but with the right conditions, Ripple could hit $1.00 very soon. With another bull run predicted and the markets suggesting that the next bull run could be very soon, we should expect Ripple to follow on, with XRP moving up to $1.00 sooner rather than later.

We know that overall, the Ripple community are aiming for a value of around $3.00 for XRP, this would set Ripple up well in terms of its goals to integrate XRP into everyday payment and money transfer options. $3.00 allows for simple conversion rates and of course, makes the currency very affordable, therefore allowing more people to make purchases.

We also know that some holders are calling for Ripple to hit $10.00 but really, I think this would provide a disadvantage to Ripple, in terms of their adoption plans. $10.00 is still manageable, but it does make the currency far less affordable and more of an ‘investment’ so to speak. The holders calling for this of course want $10.00 to happen, simply so they can generate a huge return on their investment. That is reasonable because of course, that’s why the majority of people trade cryptocurrencies.

So, with Ripple so close to $1.00, we do expect to see this target breached very soon. Get the climate right, and the numbers will follow. Should we see another bull run soon, Ripple will follow suit and move up. Once it hits $1.00, interest will peak once more and maybe, just maybe, Ripple will treat us to some more information about their never ending partnership programmes, who knows!

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