Ra Entertainment Inc. Introduces An Online and Physical Casino and Resort

Online gambling is healthily maturing in revenue close alongside brick and mortar casinos. When it first began to flourish in the early 2000’s, many in the traditional brick and mortar gaming space claimed that online gaming would compete with brick and mortar. Who would want to come to a brick and mortar casino when they could game from the comfort of their home?

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But now with the online gaming space risen to 37.91 billion USD the opposite has come true. The traditional gaming space has grown double of what it was to 465 billion USD. And has passed its expectations since 2001. Brick and mortar casinos have enjoyed a rise alongside online casinos by offering a unique experience and enticing online gamers to go to the casino to explore.

Ra Entertainment has assessed this trend, and has created a strategy of integrating online gaming with a physical casino. The ICO will produce an ERC-20 token, Racoin (RAC) that works within the casino with perks, goods, services, stake bonuses and jackpots for token users in the physical casino environment.

The online casino will host a digital space for gaming as well. And partnerships are underway for online European casinos to use the space as well.

However, there are a few pitfalls to online gaming. One being that even when an online casino offers a fair playing environment, players feel cheated when they do not see how the game is being fairly provided.

With Blockchain, online gaming is on the cusp of a revolution. Now, online gaming sites can prove with utmost transparency that the games are fair on the blockchain. On the Ethereum blockchain, players can identify for themselves whether or not they are playing a fair game.

Ra Entertainment has spent the 2016 year researching what they are capable of doing on the blockchain. In 2017, they put together the team to actually implement what they had wanted to accomplish an integrated casino resort that uses a token for payment as well as online gaming token.  

Their late 2018 to 2019 roadmap sees the construction of Ra Entertainment casino being built in the wonderfully remote Palau islands in the Pacific. Palau is located in the Pacific far southeast from Japan and Northeast of Indonesia. Palau World will be a resort and casino on Babeldaob island where RAC may be exchanged for goods and services.

Ra Entertainment Inc.wants to remove the difficulty of using tokens by allowing its use for a payment option in the resort. By providing an ERC-20 token, Ra Entertainment Inc. also offers methods of withdrawal that charge only a processing fee on the Ethereum network.

The ICO main sale will initiate on the 28th of April. The hard cap for this sale is 5 billion RAC. 100,000 RAC will sell per Ethereum. And RAC will be available for sale by exchanges afterwards. There will only be 20 billion RAC in existence.

A 5% bonus will go to those who buy with 1-50 ETH. A 10% bonus for 50 to 100 ETH. And a 25% bonus for those who buy with over 100 ETH. A crowdsale jackpot will also release RAC to those who bought.

The chances of winning the 155000000 RAC jackpot goes in proportion to however much a token holder has bought in. One person will win 100 million RAC. Ten will win 5 million RAC. And one hundred will win 100,000 RAC.

Website – https://racoin.io/

Telegram chanel – https://t.me/racoinnews

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