Panayiotis T. Foutros Resigns from PrimeXM as Group Chief Financial Officer

Panayiotis T. Foutros, PrimeXM Group Chief Financial Officer, has announced his formal resignation from his position at the FX trading industry technology provider. After spending over two years at the Cyprus-based firm, Foutros unveiled via LinkedIn that his tenure in the company came to an end.

“Given this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere thanks to PrimeXM Ultimate Beneficial Owner, to PrimeXM Group of Companies, to PrimeXM Management, to all PrimeXM colleagues, to all PrimeXM faithful clients/vendors/bankers/auditors and all business partners across the globe for our excellent collaboration over the past 2 and a half years and to wish everyone all the best in all of their future endeavors,” the former Prime XM Group Chief Financial Officer stated on his LinkedIn profile.

Prior to his role at the technology provider, Foutros – who earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science – worked in COBALT AERO in the Finance and Accounting Department, as well as having served as the Group Chief Accountant at Yiannakis Andreu Limited. He also was a Senior Auditor at PwC Cyprus for over four years.

Recent PrimeXM Maneuvers

“I am sure that PrimeXM will continue its geometric expansion and that it will continue to lead the way in the current financial technology advancement revolutionary era. Once again, thank you for what we have managed to achieve, thank you for the invaluable experiences that I have gained, and thank you for the professional relationships that I have managed to establish. Our paths may cross again in the future,” he added.

As of press time, there is no information on which is the next company that Foutros will join or which will be his plans for the future.

Foutros’ departure comes a week after PrimeXM announced that it had launched a new data center in Singapore. The new equipment joins the existent data centers located in London, New York, and Tokyo.

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