Opinion: Could America Ever Truly Accept a Crypto President?

Just yesterday, Live Bitcoin News reported that Brock Pierce – arguably one of the biggest figures in the crypto space – had announced a bid to run for president this year in the U.S.

The Idea of A Crypto President Has Failed to Make Headway

The story raised many pressing questions, the first being, “Does Mr. Pierce realize just how little time he has left?” With just under four months to go before election day, the controversial crypto advocate would probably have to be Superman to put an entire campaign team together and come up with a four-year plan that he could prescribe to America should he be inaugurated in January of 2021.

But there’s an even bigger question to think about… Could a crypto advocate ever truly make it to the White House? While we’d all like to say “yes” and assume that everyone is of the same mind when it comes to blockchain and bitcoin, we can’t help but ignore some of the current facts, many of which downplay the presence of crypto in the United States and how most Americans feel towards it.

Arguably one of the biggest crypto campaigners in recent years was Andrew Yang, a businessman who announced his bid to run for president as a Democrat in 2019. Joining an ever-growing string of wild and crazy characters – from spiritual guru Marianne Williamson to socialist Bernie Sanders – Andrew Yang was filled with promises that the United States either just wasn’t interested in or wasn’t ready for.

One of Yang’s biggest goals was to potentially lay out crypto-based regulations in “plain English” and make them much easier to understand. At the time of writing, many individuals continue to complain of the confusing laws that meander about the crypto space. What constitutes a transaction? Where is tax involved? Many answers to questions like these remain unclear to standard traders.

While Yang swore to delve into those answers, many Americans appeared uninterested given how fast his campaign faded into oblivion. Yang ultimately had no choice but to suspend his campaign and end his presidential dreams. Despite all the money and time spent reaching for the stars, Yang had barely made a dent in America’s political spectrum.

Maybe BTC Isn’t as Big as We Think

Had bitcoin been a big deal to most citizens, perhaps more of an impact would have been made on Yang’s part, but the lack of enthusiasm regarding the idea of Yang in the White House suggests that perhaps crypto has only a minimal hold on America, and considering only a few months separate Yang’s exit and Brock’s entrance, does Mr. Pierce even have a chance?

In addition, Pierce has also pledged his desire to run as an independent, and let’s face it… Independents don’t do well in presidential races. Americans often choose to follow either red or blue, and anything that’s green or in-between largely gets shoved to the side.

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