NEM Almost At $0.50 In Wake Of New Announcement

Whilst it has been a good few weeks for cryptocurrencies, it has been a great few weeks for alt-coin NEM.

Since mid-April we have seen NEM make steady progress off the back of the short market surge. As that trend now looks to continue, NEM is promising to make further gains throughout the week. Of course, the current climate means that constant gains are the most likely projections for all major coins at the moment, NEM however has a trump card, one it seems to have played this morning, one which promises to bolster NEMs progress even further, despite the outlook of the markets.

What I am saying here is that, if the markets turn and start to dip, NEM may very well continue to climb.

How is NEM performing right now?

Well, at the time of writing, NEM is valued at $0.41 and is up 5.77%. This is significant as, of late, NEM has struggled to breach the $0.40 mark. Throughout today however NEM has simply continued to climb, cementing its position between $0.40 and $0.50. Perhaps now, $0.50 is finally in sight.

So, back to the announcement, what’s happened?

Well, according to, Xhai Studios, a mobile phone application development company based in Kuala Lumpur have today announced that NEM blockchain technology is to be integrated into its games.

The CEO of Xhai Studios, Sami Abuzarifa has said:

“We want to create a game not only for the crypto market but also for the gamers communities, and to introduce them to NEM blockchain through our new game. We are creating a fun and versatile entertaining application that will include a XEM wallet integrated inside the game which users can utilize to transact in-app purchases.”

The first game, named Ballzy, is an infinite runner style game which will go on to be the first application of its type to be complimented with blockchain technology and an integrated NEM wallet. The game will allow users to earn NEM’s currency, XEM tokens and will also allow users to make purchases of XEM for use within the Ballzy game and in future games designed by the studios.

According to Xhai Studios:

“Ballzy is an ambitious project, we want to encourage the crypto community to play our game but also the non-crypto community to enjoy a beautiful game that has a XEM wallet integrated in it. A unique storyline and boss battles.”

This game is being designed to be as user friendly and as attractive as possible, meaning it will be accessible to a wide audience and thus, so will the NEM blockchain technology.

This is significant as it is yet another move towards adoption. Through the basic enhancement of mobile game technology with blockchain, a new audience are granted access to a technology that hopes to become more integrated into our daily lives. What’s more, the new customer base will almost certainly increase the volume of XEM token sales, meaning the overall value of XEM and the NEM system will see significant increases.

As news of this spreads, we expect the value of NEM to continue to grow, possibly reaching $0.50 soon and maybe even moving into $1.00 territory over the next few months.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about Xhai Studios, here-

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