NANO (XRB) Releases New Version, Added to Ledger Hardware Wallet Soon

The XRB digital asset also gets a boost from the altcoin revival, but the project eyes the long-term influence of the coin.

Christine Masters,
1 hr ago


Additionally, the XRB asset may soon be added to Ledger hardware wallets, as the team has submitted the asset for review.

XRB for now grows gradually, adding just 0.2$ to $7.20. The asset is seen as undervalued in terms of Bitcoin prices, since it is trailing below the peaks achieved in December and March. But volumes are picking up only tentatively, as XRB is displaced by other booming coins. The NANO project will have to prove its technology and the network is stable, and also release a proprietary wallet.


At the moment, NANO mobile wallets are still in the testing stage.

Trading XRB also has its pitfalls, but also opportunities. The coin is still among the less-traded assets, and gives the opportunity for price differential between exchanges:

Was almost 10% difference between Kucoin amd Binance. At KuCoin $NANO #XRB price climb slower than Binance .. easy money ?

— RoninTrader (@RONINTRADERnet) April 19, 2018

Even at the moment, the price at KuCoin is below $7. The reason for this is the thin volumes. Most of XRB trading is still concentrated on Binance.

BitGrail Reopens

Recently, the BitGrail exchange announced it would reopen soon, with a reimbursement program for those hurt in the XRB heist earlier this year.

Statement regarding the re-opening and BGS:

— BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) April 20, 2018

It is unknown whether BitGrail would manage to win the trust of investors and traders again. The Italian exchange released a relatively vague message, talking about a repayment plan for the lost digital assets. At the moment, BitGrail traders have received a balance of BGS, a synthetic asset to hold the place of the stolen XRB.

“BGS” – is now available in the “wallets” affected on the BitGrail exchange. The “numerical item”, simply known as “BGS”, represents the virtual currency illegally withdrawn from the Bitgrail exchange customers, which is the equivalent to the total amount of 15,663,624,15064883 in NANO (XRB/RaiBlocks).”

BGS will not be tradable for now, and is not an asset or a security, the exchange stated. In the future, BGS balances will make users who have signed the reimbursement agreement entitled to a compensation, coming from BitGrail trading fees. The compensation would be either in Bitcoin, at a fixed price equivalent of $10.50 per XRB, or with XRB coins outright. The compensation would take many months, and BitGrail keeps the right to discretion in distributing its trading gains.