Meet SKYFChain at CRYPTO TIMES Night #1 in Tokyo

On 8 May 2018, there’s a unique chance to meet SKYFChain at CRYPTO TIMES Night #1 in Tokyo. It is the first theme event of the CRYPTO TIMES — a cryptocurrency web media in Japan launched in February 2018. SKYFChain blockchain platform representatives will be present for a special pitch and talk session with Carciel, an aerospace and defense consulting firm.

CRYPTO TIMES is launching a series of events based on various themes, inviting the most promising companies and the most important influencers in the field. The first event is held with the theme of “cutting edge technology”.

SKYFChain, the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) operating platform of its kind meant for unmanned cargo logistics, based on the blockchain technology of smart contracts is the key guest of the CRYPTO TIMES Night #1.

SKYFchain is an open blockchain platform for keeping track of the events in life-cycles of cargo robots. The main components of the platform are the private blockchain, virtual payment gateways on Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens (on Ethereum as well). Each transaction to a robot can be recorded on the platform, providing complete transparency of transactions while enabling automated monitoring of the quality of services, fleet functioning capacity, production licenses, insurance premiums, and many other indicators. Each record on the platform has its own cost, depending on the type, frequency and the complexity of it. Transactions are denominated in traditional currencies for the customer’s convenience.

The special pitch of SKYFChain and SKYFChain x Carciel talk session stands as the main agenda of the CRYPTO TIMES Night #1. Carciel Inc. is being represented by Kohei Ando, the CEO of this aerospace and defense consulting firm. Kohei Ando has over 25 years of representation of Logram and is a representative of Japan branch of this French headlight company.

About SKYF 

SKYF is an unmanned aerial platform for vertical take-off and landing. It allows the development of unmanned aerial vehicles with various modifications, to solve various problems, from cargo logistics and field processing to fire extinguishing. At the moment, the carrying capacity of the platform is up to 250 kg, the flight range is up to 350 km, the flight duration is up to 8 hours.

The developer of SKYF platform is ARDN Technology, an engineering company created by a group of Russian investors. The main development office is located in Kazan.

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