Krypton Capital Creates One-Stop Shop for ICO Marketing with ICOBackers Launch

Early-stage venture capital investor Krypton Capital has launched ICOBackers, a full-service marketing agency with turnkey solutions for ICOs.

To the outside observer, an initial coin offering (ICO) looks like an easy way to make money out of thin air, but the reality is different. One-third of the 1,716 ICO projects launched in 2018 failed to reach their soft caps and were forced to return the collected funds to participants, Digrate statistics show.

While some projects were dead on arrival, there were many promising startups with a worthy idea that simply did not know how to do it the right way. They stumbled on ICO management, messed up the marketing strategy, or made PR blunders. A successful ICO needs a lot of ingredients, and the recipe might prove a bit too complicated for an amateur.

Sometimes it is better to delegate non-core activities to a contractor with sufficient resources and expertise in the job. With that in mind, Krypton Capital has created ICOBackers, a full-service marketing agency focused on helping worthy startups launch successful ICOs and bring their blockchain-based ideas to life.

ICOBackers is a one-stop shop for blockchain startups with turnkey ICO solutions that include strategy development, global outreach, legal issues, and full media support. The company’s experts take care of everything related to ICOs, starting from concept and white paper development to post-ICO services. This assistance allows startup teams to concentrate on their core product development. The company cherry-picks its clients to make sure that worthy projects get the results they deserve.

ICOBackers services include:

  • ICO Management: ICO strategy creation, investor outreach, legal services, white paper & documents creation, token economy building, web design and development, advisors enlisting, escrow services; 
  • ICO Marketing & PR: marketing strategy, digital media buying, ads campaign design and production, SMM and community management, bounty program, marketing automation, PR, influencer marketing, analytics and KPIs;
  • ICO Software: ICOAdmin — dashboard, smart contracts, and KYC;
  • Post-ICO Services: token exchange listing, market making, token liquidation.

To see the complete list of services supplied by ICOBackers, visit the company’s official website.

With a team of 152 experts in finance, marketing, token development, blockchain and venture capital, ICOBackers is well-positioned to deliver the best possible outcome for its clients. Being a part of the Krypton Capital group, the venture is supported by a wide range of companies across a variety of sectors, including media and technology. It benefits from an extensive network of contacts with access to numerous companies and potential investors around the globe.

“As ICO market is getting overcrowded, many worthy projects find it exceptionally hard to gain publicity and attract investor attention. We launched ICOBackers to let promising startups leverage from our exceptional expertise and strong network on their way to ICO. We focus on early-stage projects with interesting ideas and help them stage crowdfunding from scratch,” commented Ilan Tzorya, founder and CEO of Krypton Capital.

ICOBackers has a proven track record of success, boasting over 24 completed projects with more than $200 million of funds raised.

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