IPSX Token Gets Listed on Qryptos and Bibox Cryptocurrency Exchanges

IPSX, a blockchain-based IP address sharing platform has achieved quite many milestones since venturing into the world of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The startup seamlessly raised a whopping $8 million in its recently concluded token generation event. The IPSX team have made considerable progress in their bid to get listed on credible crypto exchanges.

It can now be traded on Qryptos exchange. Notably, Qryptos is the first global crypto exchange to get licensed by the Japanese financial authorities.

IPSX token is also listed on Bibox exchange, an AI and blockchain powered exchange with a daily trading volume of $65 million. Bibox has offices in Japan, Estonia, the US, and Estonia. It is recognized in Asia, and it’s also ranked among the top 30 exchanges globally, as seen on Coinmarketcap.

The IPSX MVP has also been launched by the team, to enable users to test it. The platform has also succeeded in signing quite many partnership deals, with firms such as Data Center Luxembourg, a reputable cloud and connectivity service provider in the world.

With this partnership, IPSX will now enable Datacenter Luxembourg to share unused IPs securely.

IPSX has also inked a deal with Atonomi, an IoT, and blockchain firm.

Atonomi makes it possible for a vast array of IoT devices to work together.

CEO and co-founder, of IPSX, George Bunea, reiterated that:

“After having multiple discussions with Vaughan, the founder, and CEO of Atonomi, we decided to analyze the possibility of a partnership between our companies very carefully. Although at this moment the details of the partnerships are not concluded and sealed, we believe that working together and sharing the same values will bring benefits to both of our projects.


Also, IoT devices are connected to the internet and have unused IP addresses, so a possible partnership with Atonomi comes naturally. What’s more, having trustful devices with identity and reputation to be a part of the core of the distributed network layer sounds like a great starting point.”

The IPSX mobile app will soon be ready. The team is also focused on establishing more strategic partnerships with reputable firms shortly.

The team is perfecting all aspects of the IP address sharing platform.

IPSX is an entirely decentralized IP sharing platform that’s aimed at making it easy for companies and individuals to access IP addresses.

Entrepreneurs and developers will be able to use the highly functional SDK and API tools to create custom-made apps that require quite any IP addresses.

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