Integral Ends 2020 with Impressive FX Trading Volumes

Forex technology provider, Integral has posted its trading volumes for December 2020, showing a healthy increase in its average daily volumes (ADV), which the company has maintained for months. 

The total ADV for last month across all platforms of Integral came in at $48.5 billion. That was a month-on-month increase of 1.7 percent, but when compared to the same month the previous year, the figures jumped 33.6 percent.

Integral offers a wide range of services within the forex trading industry, and the reported volumes show its performance across its entire liquidity network. The figures include the demand in TrueFX, the spot trading venue offered by the company, and Integral OCX, ECN services for institutions.

“TrueFX has made it possible for any participant irrespective of size to access primary sources of liquidity directly,” Integral founder and CEO, Harpal Sandhu said earlier, mentioning the dominance of its spot trading platform. 

“The proposition of eliminating credit as a barrier to entry is an exciting development in FX, and we are thrilled to see such high adoption of the service as participants seek increased accessibility to the markets in an organized, transparent, and low-cost manner.”

A Good Year for Integral

Overall, Integral had a solid 2020, gaining a windfall from Covid-spurred market volatility. It reported an ADV of $55.6 billion last March, gaining 43 percent year-over-year.

The company also bolstered its industry ties and extended its decade-long partnership with Swissquote with another multi-year contract. It also renewed its partnership with Refinitiv, inking another multi-year deal, offering price engine infrastructure.

Furthermore, it also strengthened its infrastructure by adding Sucden Financial to TrueFX’s liquidity network and by launching the seventh iteration of its relationship-based trading platform, FX Inside (FXI).

The company additionally bolstered its management by appointing Kevin Wilson as the business development managing director and Kelly Yount as the director of product management.

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