Huobi Crypto Exchange Mounts Its Operation in Brazil

A major crypto exchange, Huobi is expanding its operation in Brazil. Huobi representatives said to be marketing their platform at Sao Paulo, Brazil, where its new office has been set up.

Huobi mounts to Brazil

According to crypto local news, Portal do Bitcoin said that a crypto conference, VI Bitconf held at Sao Paulo, Brazil where representatives of exchange were providing business cards. Initially, Huobi was connecting “well-known names in the Brazilian market”. The exchange has already set a workplace at Sao Paulo provided by WeWork. Meanwhile, there is no official announcement from the exchange but crypto local news claims that Huobi will start its operations by the 2018 in Brazil.

The Singapore-based Exchange, Huobi is looking for a talent in the country through LinkedIn. However, they have two vacancies for the post Chief Compliance Officer and Digital Marketing Manager.

However, the Chief Compliance Officer will be functioning the company’s overall operations and identifying illegal activities. On the other hand, the Digital Marketing manager has to evolve around developing its brand  in the country and creating new strategies for its growth.

Huobi holds the world’s third largest cryptocurrency after processing $1.1 billion trading volume, with 233 total cryptocurrencies traded. Since, there will be increase in the competition in the country’s crypto market.

Singapore base Crypto exchange plans towards its enhancements

Recently, Huobi was planning to launch a new market index for its customers. The former OKEx CEO Chris Lee has joined cryptocurrency exchange Huobi as a Vice president of global development. The exchange has announced that Lee can help to prompt the Singapore-based firm’s international strategy and to expand into more markets.

Add Lee’s image

Earlier in April, Huobi has set to to launch its workplace in London and also expanding its operations in San Francisco. However, Huobi was a China-based crypto exchange. Later it shifted to Singapore after Chinese authorities completely banned digital currency trading last September. As Huobi is planning to open its office in San Francisco and London. It is creating and releasing products for an American and European customer base.

On March 30, 2018, the Huobi group officially announced that it provides trading trading platform of about 100 altcoins and 208 markets in South Korea. Besides, the trading platform has an investor guard program for any destruction which is not causing by the investor.

Remarkably, the Singapore based crypto exchange, Huobi expanding its operations worldwide.

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