How Cryptocurrency Is Making Casinos Safer?

Over the last couple of decades, technological advances have totally revolutionized the UK gambling industry. Thanks to significant improvements in Internet connectivity, graphics, games, and other breakthroughs casinos have been able to create a massive online gambling community. This has not been without issue, but it has undoubtedly been one of the most significant areas of growth we have seen to date. The introduction of live casinos, as well as many different apps, enable players to have an experience that is as close as possible to being in a casino building without having to leave the house. The pandemic of 2020 has shown how important people find it to be able to access their favourite games when restricted by location. Now we see a new introduction of cryptocurrencies, and this is changing the casino experience for the better and safer once more. 

What Is Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is a money system in much the same way as cash as we know it except it is on a purely digital platform. Bitcoin is the term you may also have heard as well as Litecoin and Ethereum as other banking digital tokens. One of the massive advantages of cryptocurrency for the gambling industry is the online safety and security features which are far superior to anything we have been able to access before. Many casinos are already taking cryptocurrency in the UK. It won’t be long before it becomes a totally normal way of gambling because customers can have a lot more faith in the process. 

Gambling With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency basically cuts out the middleman. There is no bank or central holding facility as such, so it is thought to be a peer-to-peer level of the payment system. It has now been around for just over a decade as it first launched in 2009 and Bitcoin was that first cryptocurrency with many others currently available. Cryptocurrency has value in the same way as other currencies, but without the bank or regulation authority, it relies on cryptography. These files which are known as blockchain record every single transaction in such a way that there is complete anonymity, and each user is not identifiable. If you think about purchasing something online, you are identified because you give out your address for delivery. Cryptocurrency and online gambling do not need that level of information about you so you can remain anonymous. Blockchain is a public ledger to ensure complete transparency of each transaction and uses unique information to identify each transaction. 

So, when it comes to gambling with cryptocurrency, you will need a crypto wallet in which you will be able to store your digital tokens. A casino that works with cryptocurrency will then enable you to open an account with them, and you can move money into your account in crypto coins in just the same way as you would another currency. As mentioned, these transactions don’t identify you on a personal data level but use a completely unique and one-off address of Bitcoin. Each transaction is then recorded in the public Ledger again to ensure that there is total transparency, so the trail of your Bitcoin is always active and traceable, giving you extra protection. As more and more casinos realize the benefits of these newer technologies, they will become pretty standard because they offer safety and security, which is really important when living in an online way. 


For some people, the ability to gamble online and not leave any trail back to themselves is important. If you use your standard debit, credit, or bank transfer methods, you are going to leave a digital footprint, and this also increases the risk of cybercrime and loss. Using a casino that offers cryptocurrency means you don’t have to log any personal data or banking details with that website. The Bitcoin address system gives you instant access to transfer winnings or adds money to your account. The money still has an exchange rate value in the standard currency which you can withdraw from your Bitcoin wallet, but it’s a way of limiting the number of websites and other institutions that have access to your full data. 

The Future

Although generally online casinos have managed to keep people reasonably safe, there have been some scandals, and also fraudsters are setting up fake casinos in order to try and con people out of money. Anywhere you use personal data online generates a level of risk of security of that information. Cybercrime remains high, and it is a bit of a two-edged sword because the more we use online services and advanced technology, the more cybercriminals will see this as a challenge and work harder. However, it is still much more difficult for them to hack into data files than it is to smash in a front door and steal your possessions. Cyber Currency acts as a double lock to the front door and leaves the cybercriminals blind as to your identity or trail back to you. 

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