HighIoT Leaves Hackers No Chance with Akita Cybersecurity Device

HighIoT is starting the production of Akita units to protect smart home owners against hackers with cybersecurity as a service (SECaaS) in a device.

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HighIoT, the company behind a blockchain-based security solution for IoT devices, has successfully closed Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns, raising over $900,000 for its Akita device.

The product is developed to protect your home from IoT invasions and hacks. The company plans to ship 12,000 units to its investors, while others will be able to buy Akita on Amazon.

Smart home technology makes our lives easier. It connects nearly everything - from air conditioners and thermostats to personal assistants and automatic sensors - in a single system that can be controlled remotely via a mobile device. But there is a fly in the ointment: all data (including homeowners’ credit card details, health records, and private information) are stored on a cloud-based platform vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other cyber threats.  HighIoT offers a solution in the form of a security device that will keep your smart home safe and well-protected, putting your virtual world beyond the reach of cybercriminals.

HighIoT raised $939,738 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which has allowed the company to start manufacturing Akita devices.  The Kickstarter campaign closed in January 2018, and Akita was then chosen by Amazon to resell. In April 2018, the company will ship 12,000 units to its backers around the globe.

The Akita device is connected to a LAN port of a home Wi-Fi router. It scans the network for potential cyber threats and disconnects IoT devices as soon as suspicious activity is detected. Akita’s features include:

  • Threat awareness, behavioral analysis, and DPI-based machine learning technology that protects user’s privacy;
  • A cloud-based, security platform with a military-grade security level, adapted for personal use in connected homes;
  • An IPS security method that analyzes an IoT device’s source, spots threats and notifies service providers on 24/7 call.

“HighIoT set out on a mission to protect smart home consumers from external threats that have the ability to access private details and essentially, whole identities. We are delivering a security solution in the form of a service and a device, to stop these attacks before they can successfully enter a connected system,” comments Igor Rabinovich, co-founder and CTO of HighIoT. “Why? Because nothing is more important to HighIoT, then securing the personal data and user profiles of smart home consumers.”