Game Developers Combine Blockchain and AI to Unleash Micro-payments

In one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry, mobile game developers are working to build a transparent and decentralized way to compete via in-game tournaments, as well as disrupt the crippling stranglehold the Apple and Google App stores have on the mobile gaming industry.

 A $60 Billion Opportunity Awaits Game Developers

The ability for game developers to collect revenue via their gaming creations has always been mixed. From extremely high commissions levied by the titans that run their Application stores, to limited tooling for developers working to promote their applications effectively, it has never been more difficult to stand out in an industry that is the most popular and fastest-growing category of mobile applications.

Now, as the gaming industry comes full circle, including exploring new ways to monetize micro in-game purchases, teams all over the world are looking to explore these possibilities. Their solutions are beginning to hit production. The Chimaera Platform is one such project that taps into the possibilities of gaming via blockchain.

Token-based Game Economies and AI Combined

Specifically looking to utilize an Artificial Intelligence Neural network as well as blockchain’s distributed ledger as a way to decrease fraud, remove the middlemen, and offer experiences once thought impossible is the fully decentralized gaming platform BGX. BGX is looking to build a multifunctional payment processing platform implemented over an artificial intelligence system. By building a set of built-in tools for a wide range of mobile games, as well as creating financial incentives whether you are a gaming developer, a consumer, or advertiser, they believe they can power an ecosystem where the content creator is in charge.

BGX looks to be the financial processing platform that allows users to radically reduce their reliance on third parties. It also allows developers to take home a larger proportion of the revenue that they generate from their interactive games, keeping users within the platform and spending in a variety of ways.

As blockchain and artificial intelligence projects continue to be combined to provide world-class functionality, teams around the word in the growing mobile games market are rethinking gaming monetization.

Imagine being paid to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite game. Better yet, imagine creating a game the profits of which end up in your pockets, rather than those of a large corporation that doesn’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. The sound of that possibility has many gaming enthusiasts excited and is a future we are looking forward to.

Do you think the ability to be compensated for playing video games without excessive fees would drive more gamers to full-time gaming careers? Tells us what you think.

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