Fueled By Bitcoin Boom, Invictus Capital Sees Massive Growth In Q4…

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As the price of bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole continue to set new records, service providers in the space are also seeing significant growth. Few exemplify this momentum better than blockchain asset management firm, Invictus Capital.

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surge, Invictus’ assets under management (AUM) rose to $65.6 million over the fourth quarter of 2020. The average return for its seven funds was 45 percent over the period, with its latest Bitcoin Alpha Fund (IBA) registering a performance of 125 percent.

The Invictus Hyperion Fund (IHF), a tokenized venture capital fund which provides exposure to a range of blockchain-focused startup companies, saw a return of 29 percent, with a total return of 212 percent since it was first launched in June 2018. The Invictus Margin Lending fund (IML), which provides investors with exceptional risk-adjusted returns with near-zero drawdown risk, saw an annualized return of 13.25 percent.

Invictus also offers a pair of index funds that provide exposure to a diverse range of top cryptocurrencies. The Crypto10 Hedged fund (C10) portfolio consists of the top-10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization,  and includes a cash hedging mechanism which helps prevent drawdown during times of market stress. C10 saw an 88 percent return over the quarter. The firm’s Crypto20 fund (C20), which invests in the top-20 cryptocurrencies maintaining full crypto exposure, saw a 72 percent return

In addition to the momentum provided by the crypto market, Invictus delivered a redesigned investor platform, with improved mobile friendliness and new features that improved the ease of use for its global investor base. The platform connects investors to these funds, enabling them to view their wallets and recent transactions, and to access industry news and information. The funds are globally accessible, with no minimum investment size.

“We are extremely appreciative of the support we’ve encountered from our community over the quarter, and we hope to continue along this path of mutually beneficial growth,” Daniel Schwartzkopff, the CEO of Invictus Capital, said. “The future looks bright for crypto and Invictus Capital.”

The explosive growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies toward the end of 2020 has helped drive the outstanding performance across a number of Invictus’ portfolios. This is the benefit of building a suite of funds that are at the forefront of the financial future. The Invictus Capital quarterly report can be downloaded here.

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