Forget Emojis – Bitcoin Sentiment is Expressed Through Sticker Sets in Chats

Over the past few years, the cloud-based instant messaging service Telegram has become extremely popular as millions of users have patronized the platform. Among them there are lots of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in various channels talking about their favorite digital assets. One particular phenomenon that has swarmed the digital currency space on Telegram are cryptocurrency-themed sticker sets.

If you are a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast or trader then you probably use the Telegram app to follow certain groups discussing bitcoin and the myriad of cryptocurrencies in the space. Certainly, if a digital currency community exists then there is probably a Telegram group for that specific digital asset. Now crypto-proponents like their memes and GIFs and share them often on the platform when something crazy happens within the digital currency universe. Another great phenomenon shared widely on Telegram are customized sticker sets that reflect a person’s moods, much like an emoji.

One particular sticker set on Telegram making the rounds is the ‘BCH Gang’ series shared by bitcoin cash supporters. The set features the rap artist Lil’ Windex saying “I got that bitcoin cash,” “BCH Gang,” and more with silly green and red chart candles in the backdrop. Another set shared by BCH supporters is the ‘Bitcoin Warz’ series featuring Spongebob Squarepants saying “Store of Value” with some rainbows, and a Lightning Network supporter doing mental gymnastics yelling ‘Bcash.’

Then there is the infamous ‘Fit Vitalik’ sticker set displaying an extremely muscular Vitalik Buterin doing many things throughout the series. There’s commentary on the steroid-infused V sticker pack that has the Ethereum inventor saying things like “No Pain No Gainz,” and “Make Vitalik Big Again.” The ‘Fit Vitalik’ sticker series comes complete with a Christmas themed sticker for those feeling merry during the holiday season.

Another hilarious set is the ‘Ship’ sticker series which has a few funny crypto-infused catchphrases like “When Lambo?” “When Homeless?” “Hodl Hodl,” and more. The Ship set also has a few pictures of a Nissan Micra, Lamborghini, and some nerdy dude with a cute girl that says “When Golddigger?”

The Ship Sticker Set

The ‘Tether’ sticker set is another series that has quite a lot of humorous stickers to choose from tied to everyone’s favorite ‘stablecoin.’ The sticker set has pictures of a great Tether candle or a picture of the Tether logo sitting on a royal throne. There are other pictures that say “Bitfinexed,” and “Bitmexed,” and one of JP Morgan’s Boss Jamie Dimon calling BTC “Worse Than Tulip Bulbs.”

The Tether Sticker Set

The ‘Blockchain’ sticker set is another favorite that is always sure to please a crowd of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The set is a large assortment of cut out images of cryptocurrency luminaries. The series has quite a lot of liked and disliked personalities, dignitaries, and pundits within the cryptocurrency industry. Hate them or love them the members of the cryptocurrency community in this sticker pack include Craig Wright, Adam Back, Blythe Masters, Charlie Lee, Matt Corallo, Ben Lawsky and more.

There are many more cryptocurrency sticker packs on Telegram and listing them would take all day. One particular king within the Telegram cryptocurrency sticker set collections is Pepe the Frog. Throughout the many Pepe sticker sets on the messaging app, the green frog can often be seen doing all kinds of digital currency themed activities like trading shitcoins. The cryptocurrency industry is alive and well this spring as their favorite assets start to recover from the ‘Crypto Winter’ of 2018 — Many enthusiasts shared the all-time high and low emotions through custom sticker sets found in the alleyways of digital currency Telegram channels.

What do you think about cryptocurrency infused sticker sets on Telegram? Is there a specific set on Telegram that you enjoy? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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