First Day Hackathon of India Dapp Fest 2019; Bringing the Best of Blockchain in India

The blockchain hackathon of India Dapp Fest hosted by Blockchain India & Blocumen Studios has finally kicked off yesterday as scheduled. Participants, speakers, and mentors marked their presence at IndiQube Alpha Building, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru.

The first day was focussed on blockchain workshop followed by the hackathon. The excitement overloaded when 90+ participants introduced themselves and revealed how excited they’re to explore the blockchain ecosystem even deeper with India Dapp Fest.

So, it all started with an icebreaker and networking activity followed by sponsors introductions. Specifically, pioneers from the most famous Matic Network and Algorand blockchain project shared their success stories and journey in the blockchain industry so far.

Source: India DApp Fest 2019

Mr. Jaynti Kanani – Co-founder & CEO at Matic Network & Mr.Chandresh – VP Marketing opened up the current state of their venture, how did they receive support from Industry leaders Binance and Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, Gokul B Alex, Brand Ambassador at Algorand, founded by Silvio Micali, a Turing Award-winning cryptographer – introduced and explained Algorand as a better-distributed ledger, proof of work, scalability, how are they defining the standard for blockchain technology and more.

Source: India DApp Fest 2019

Our other recognized sponsors include Draper University, MeitY – Government of India (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology), ChainSecurity, Ledger Atlas, PrimeTrade, CoinDCX, and IndiQube.

Following sponsors introduction, the team India Dapp Fest introduces the key players & driving force behind such an incredible blockchain conference. The room was filled with enthusiastic participants after listening & looking at the dedicated efforts by the Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios to build the biggest blockchain community that intends to bring blockchain & encourage disruptive tech within the Indian ecosystem.

Later, the hackathon guidelines were shared with all the excellent participants and then finally Hacking kicked off following delicious meal.

Workshop on Matic Network and Algorand took place which was undertaken by Mr. Ravindra Kumar CTO at Instadapp for Matic Network and Naveed- Head of Engineering at Algorand for Algorand blockchain project.

The key mission of the workshop was to explore what we mean by the blockchain ecosystem and how can we improve our industries with its solution. Participants at this workshop were allowed to share their experiences of focussing on outcomes and learn the various techniques of implementation. Identifying the strategies and defining a better solution are the priorities of the development.

The mentors share their ideas about what blockchain is about, how to clearly link the strategies and how to bring the best solution as an outcome. Besides that, it was focussed on how do Dapps things better, Why build on Matic network, how to build Dapp, how it differs from Ethereum and so on.

At the hackathon, participants were expected to build the best solution as well as have good teamwork. What models have been tried before and what opportunities there might be to try out distinct approaches are the key facts one has to focus on. Discussions around various examples of what works well and how to achieve it was also explained by the mentors in the workshop. Later on, the hackathon was conducted to get a better solution by giving real-life challenges.

With the high interest of the participants to resolve a challenge and provide a solution, the first day of the hackathon was beyond the expectation. Stay tuned to know what new exploration happens during the second day of Hackathon.

Visit India Dapp Fest official website and join its upcoming conference, scheduled on June 14 to June 15.

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