EOS Still Creeping Up On All Time High

It looks as if EOS, is still going.

If you’re a Crypto Daily reader, you may have noticed that we have published a number of reports on the performance of EOS now. This is because firstly, it has been performing very well recently and secondly, EOS seems to be holding the ability to alter market trends. What we have seen over the past few weeks is that EOS has become very reactive to market trends and it tends to adjust itself before many of the other major currencies. Essentially, when EOS drops, the markets soon follow, when EOS shoots, you guessed it, the markets follow.

Now of course, this is probably just a coincidence, however it is going to be interesting to see if, as EOS is climbing at the moment, the rest of the markets rectify and shoot up again soon.

Overall, we are seeing a large correction take place this morning, many currencies are in a decline, some in a more significant decline than others. EOS however, the star of the show is still making further gains, in the wake of a very good two weeks for the currency.

Two weeks ago, EOS was valued at around $7.50. Today, at the time of writing, EOS is valued at $14.73, up 9.46%.

That, is incredible, EOS has essentially doubled in this time.

Moreover, the highest recorded value for EOS sits as little over $18.00, therefore we can see this target being breached very soon, there is no stopping EOS hitting $20.00 now. That, is an exciting prospect.

Since the January cryptocurrency boom, many currencies have found it difficult to kickstart a recovery, EOS included. However a few weeks back, we noticed a trend in the behaviour of EOS that suggested it was going to make a big recovery soon, smashing past its half way point, on to new heights.

So far, we seem to have been correct. Hopefully, our latter estimation about the $20.00 mark makes way soon too.

Some people will be seeing quite a big return on their EOS investment now, meaning we will see some selling take place, once the $15.00 mark is breached, we should expect to see selling activity rise, which will impact of the currency. Others of course will still be holding on for the $20.00 mark. Honestly, it’s a realistic value for such a hard wearing currency.

Eventually of course, we could see EOS decline again, maybe this is just a spell of good luck that may soon subside, this is a notion that will of course motivate some sellers.

Either way, whatever you choose to do with your EOS, do your research first. This is a risky business as you know and we never really can predict what might happen. For now, let’s keep our eyes on the $20.00 prize.

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