EOS Could Smash Past January High Sooner Than We Think

We have been talking about EOS for a while now. It is a currency with some great future potential that has been making ground recently.

We should look at the historical performance of EOS and focus upon its movements in the 2017/2018 cryptocurrency boom when EOS peaked at its highest price. This is important because at the moment, EOS is approaching this figure once more.

Why is this significant?

Well, a few weeks ago we claimed that EOS was actually in full recovery mode as, it had finally reached a halfway point, that is, a point during which EOS had reached half of its optimum value.

Now, this has surpassed and EOS indeed seems to be looking to hit its high, all over again.

How is EOS standing at the moment?

At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $13.63, almost hitting $14.00. At the moment, EOS is up 17.76%.

In the days leading up to the cryptocurrency boom, EOS his just over $14.00 on a few occasions, before rocketing up to its final height of $18.25. We are now just over $4.00 away from achieving that goal once more. A $5 hike will finally see EOS reach a brand new height. Investors, you can start to get excited now.

Since the boom, EOS did hit just over $15.00 at one point and continued to maintain at around $13.00, interestingly though the March depression saw EOS sink to $4.09. Just over a month later, we are back up to $14.00 with no sign of letting up.

In terms of EOS news, there are no single, significant developments that may have caused EOS’ success, it is more a case of the overall activity within the EOS community. There will be another EOS Hackathon taking place soon, so perhaps this will arouse further interest and could benefit the value of the currency, overall though, there is nothing groundbreaking taking place, this is simply just an organic rise of a well balanced currency.

It is a very exciting time for EOS, things are looking up and indeed, we could now see EOS move past its highest recorded value and enter new, unchartered territory. If it does, we should expect a lot of selling to take place, so really the true worth of EOS is still quite uncertain at the moment. Either way, EOS is paving the way for some exciting developments indeed.

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