Cryptocurrency Payments Provider B2BinPay Introduces Version 2.0

B2BinPay, a well-known cryptocurrency payments firm, announced today that the company has launched version 2.0 of its payment solution with the addition of new tokens and blockchains.

According to the official press release shared with Finance Magnates, the new version includes a wide range of innovative features along with the company’s existing offering. B2BinPay aims to fulfill cryptocurrency transaction requirements through the latest feature enhancements of version 2.0.

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B2BinPay is offering crypto processing solutions to merchants and enterprise clients. The company is enabling businesses around the world to send, receive, exchange, and store cryptocurrency payments in a secure environment.

“As crypto payments further infiltrate into the business world, offering an additional payment method is one of the best ways to get new clients on board, with the added benefit of boosting company profits. Integrating B2BinPay provides users with the best crypto payment processing technology available. With the addition of the latest features, new blockchains, and tokens, together with an attractive new pricing structure, B2BinPay v2.0 is an all-round better solution, as well as a more cost-effective one for clients,” the company mentioned in the press release.

B2BinPay is currently supporting various tokens including ETH, NEO, and NEM. The company is also providing a stable crypto gateway to support clients.


B2BinPay highlighted that the latest version has significant feature enhancements including cutting-edge technology for blockchains. Some of the key benefits include automatic withdrawals, secure fund storage, full white-label integration, and the ability to monitor suspicious activity. Clients can also see detailed statistics including transaction history. The payment page is available in more than 20 languages. “B2BinPay has emerged as one of the market leaders in an industry where speed and low costs are an absolute must. The solution is easy to integrate and simple to use, giving businesses access in just minutes and the chance to enjoy the benefits of one of the most trusted and fast-growing cryptocurrency payment gateways around,” the company added.

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