How Crypto Whales Earn Ether — 7 Strategies for Fishbank Digital Collectibles

Fishbank is a massively multiplayer game that allows collecting, growing and trading crypto fish tokens to dominate the “decentralized food chain” and win weekly contests with prizes in Ether. It is among the top 3 most popular digital collectible games standing right after the CryptoKitties in the dApp list (according to dAppRadar rating).

Every fish is an ERC-721 token stored on Ethereum blockchain and acts like any other cryptocurrency that can be transferred, gifted or sold on the market. You are the 100% owner of the token and no one can destroy or diminish it.

There are several different strategies on how you can play Fishbank and make some Ether.

1. Catch the Crypto Whale

Only 25 fish species were pre-minted for the game during the Preorder stage. One can try to catch a random crypto fish token for 0.03 ETH – at least one Common is guaranteed. Chances to get uncommon are 1:5 for Rare, 1:50 for Epic, 1:5000 for Legendary. There is an opportunity to catch ultimate Whale worth approx. 100 ETH (current bid on the market).

2. Train your Champion to hunt others

Attack other players’ fish tokens to gain part of their weight and grow your fish. Bigger fish has more chance to win more powerful rivals that defines crypto fish token value. Trade it for a better fish or for some profit in the integrated Market or external exchanges.

3. Win Contests with Prizes in Ether

Every week there are contests with prizes in Ether paid directly to crypto fish token owner’s wallet. No special action required — all crypto fish tokens are considered participants (including those listed on the market).

Prize fund is formed by the game income (catching a fish, buying chests). Prizes are paid to the best performers in each category:

  • Top 100 —best of the “food chain” leaderboards
  • Top Gainers — best performers in each rarity category (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary), there is a fair chance for every “mid-range” fish to win
  • Top Newcomers — weekly contest, prize fund distributed between newly caught fish with the best results in fights

Holding fish in Top 100 adds good value to its token on the market as it generates some passive income.

4. Trade on the Market

One can make some Ether by tracking good offers on the market and reselling them soon after for a better price. All it requires is good knowledge of crypto fish species and some analysis. There are a couple of tricks though: the first one is to find a preordered crypto fish token — they all came in single-gamma colors that add real beauty and value, those can be also defined by the birthdate (18th March 2018). Second is by searching for a cheap Oz (weight) no matter what the fish looks like.

5. Uniting Crypto Fish Tokens

There is a secret tactic to grow your fish fast — uniting two tokens owned by one player, using the ability to “transfer” weight. Formally that is attacking your own fish that can make its weight double. The trick is that you can transfer weight from Rares and Commons to Epic making it higher than a Legendary in Top 100.

6. Booster Extraction Business

Some players are involved in the business of releasing valuable Modifiers from Chests and selling them on the market. Modifiers allow temporary boost of crypto fish token’s core characteristics so it can perform better in fights.

Medium Chest that contains 3 Modifiers costs 0.015 ETH. Some valuable Modifiers (like Instant Attack, Big Power, and Agility Boosters) are traded on the market for 0.02 – 0.4 ETH each.

7. Invite Friends to Get Boosters

There is a reward for inviting a friend — Small Chest with 1 Modifier whenever a new player joins the game. That can be a good business for the owners of popular crypto or game-related resources, selling Modifiers on the Market for reasonable prices can help them make some real Ether quick.

Get a Dolphin in the Giveaway

You can get unique legendary crypto fish tokens among other valuable rewards for participation in the Fishbank Giveaway:

  • 1 Dolphin (Unique Legendary)
  • 2x Grouper (Epic)
  • 5x Idol Fish (Rare)
  • 5x Fire Goby (Rare)
  • 20x Wrasse (Common)
  • 20x Huge Chests (5 Modifiers)
  • 30x Medium Chests (3 Modifiers)

All you have to do is share a post on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with a link to the game and #fishbank #giveaway tags or invite friends to the official Telegram and Discord groups. Winners will be announced on 15th of May 2018.

Read More about Giveaway

How to play?

You will need an Ethereum wallet to manage the token. Please use MetaMask extension for desktop browser or play the game on any iOS or Android device using Toshi or Trust Wallet. There are great video guides on how to install digital wallet and launch Fishbank:

At least one crypto fish token is required to play the game. Try to catch a random one for a fixed fee or buy one on the market from other players. The Crypto fish price may depend on its power, rarity, weight and overall beauty. There are approx. 40 unique fish species each with 5-10 different parts with 25 color combinations and up to 100 levels that makes more than 1 000 000 variations of possible crypto fish token images. Weight is obtained in fights — the more weight the fish has, the more powerful it is, more value it may have on the market.

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Fishbank has announced a partnership with Opskins and WAX Token that will allow trading crypto fish tokens on the biggest digital game assets market with 10+ Million active users just like skins for CS:GO, PUBG and Dota 2.

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