Cortex Labs Launches PoC Demo – Silencer

Cortex Labs has decided to release Cortex Demo, namely Silencer. The information has been released on a blog post by the company on April the 24th. Interested individuals can access it through this link.

Silences works by simulating the blockchain environment of Cortex. This showcases a default smart contract that executes one AI model. The smart contract works by allowing the user to upload images to the blockchain. Once that’s performed, the smart contract calls the AI model and detects if the image is a bird or not. 

The smart contract works by making an interference on the input data, push the inferred result to full nodes in order to reach consensus on the AI model. Once it’s done, you will get 10 tokens as a reward.

The next PoC update will deploy Cortex Edge calculation to a specific hardware, allowing a robot to accomplish a real world mission.

The demo explanation uploaded by Cortex Labs reads as follows:

“We believe a real smart contract should be able to accommodate AI interference function to provide an extension of our human imagination and allow Autonomous AI evolution. For example, a smart contract that has the ability of image recognition and natural language processing.”

In this case, the International Bird Watching Society is trying to build an open source database of bird images. Currently, they have already developed an AI model that can predict if there is a bird or not in a specific picture.

“International Bird Watching Society is trying to build an open source database of bird images,” reads the demo. “They have already developed an AI model which could predict whether there are any spices of bird in a picture. They decided to apply blockchain technique to verify the photos which were taken from wild cameras. This could be a reliable calculation environment for executing decentralized AI App reward mechanism.”

5 Top AI Research Scientists Joined Cortex Labs

With the latest demo release, Cortex Labs announced that they hire 5 new top-tired AI research scientist. All of them come from top AI field and have outstanding achievements in world AI competitions.

The experts are Debut Kele Hsu, AI Expert on Acoustics with a Ph.D. at the University of Paris VI. Arie Ling, Senior Undergraduate, AI Research Scientist graduated at the University of Toronto. Pewen Yang, AI Research Scientist. And Haihong Yang, AI research scientist with a Ph.D. Candidate at the Zhejiang University.

About Cortex Labs

Cortex main mission is to provide the state of the art machine learning model on the blockchain. In this way, users can infer using smart contracts on the Cortex blockchain. But this is not all. Cortex wants to implement a machine-learning platform that would allow users to post tasks on the platform, submit AI DApps – also known as Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications).

The CEO of Cortex Labs is Ziqi Chen, its CTO is Weiyang Wang, Yang Yang is the Blockchain Chief Engineering, Ziao Yan, the Chief Deep Learning Engineer, Amy Chen the Operating Officer, and Wentao Tian, the Senior AI & Blockchain Engineer.

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