CoinMarketCap Re-Brand And iOS Launch

Today marks a very special day for, it’s their fifth birthday and to celebrate, they have had a sharp new re-brand.

In a blog post on Medium, CoinMarketCap have discussed some new developments which are taking place in line with their fifth anniversary. First established in 2013, CoinMarketCap have expanded from tracking the patterns of just seven cryptocurrencies, up to their current repertoire, of over 1,600 cryptocurrencies and 200 exchanges, covering a total market capitalisation of around $1.6Billion.

Very interestingly, is the 174th most visited website according to Amazon’s Alexa with around 60Million unique visits each year.

If you want to read more from the blog post, you can see it for yourself, here-

Let’s look at CoinMarketCap’s re-brand.

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The re-brand see’s CoinMarketCap take a cutting-edge approach to branding and design, most significantly though the logo no longer integrates a Bitcoin symbol, suggesting that CoinMarketCap are dropping any affiliation with the Bitcoin movement. This is hardly surprising when you consider how many new currencies have entered the markets in the past five years, since the first CoinMarketCap logo was created.

CoinMarketCap remains one of the most important cryptocurrency websites. The site provides up to date information and historical data on the performance of cryptocurrencies, without these feeds, it would be very difficult for investors to do research and make live decisions, really, CoinMarketCap have done us a service, one which many now no doubt take for granted.

Furthermore, to celebrate their birthday, CoinMarketCap are launching an iOS app, which promises to bring live market information on the go. The app also integrates a watch-list, allowing users to really personalise their CoinMarketCap experience.

Other celebrations include an upgrade of the public API and new watch-list integrations that will allow you to carry your watched currencies over different devices, perfect if you’re an on the go investor.

Thank you CoinMarketCap for your service.

“We pay close attention to the needs of our users and always encourage people to leave us feedback. We are hard at work to bring you more features that will give you more control over your experience while exploring our data. From all of us at CoinMarketCap, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, enthusiasm, and feedback as we continue to grow CMC even more. Here’s to the next five years.”

We very much look forward to seeing how the website develops and of course, can’t wait to check out the new iOS app, expect a more extensive review of it from us soon enough!

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