CoinGate Join Forces with Luxury Wristwatch Maker to Fight Against Leukodystrophies

The CoinGate blockchain project is proud to be associated with the highly reputable Swiss Luxury wristwatch manufacturer, Louis Chevrolet. Together, they’re fighting a just cause against a deadly disease known as Leukodystrophies (ELA).

The Louis Chevrolet team has hinted that some of the proceeds from the sales of the luxury chronograph wristwatch will be used to help ongoing research work being organized by the European Association concerning Leukodystrophies.

The CEO of Louis Chevrolet, Andre Saunier, reiterated that:

“We’re so proud to support ELA actions. We will donate to ELA Switzerland 10% on each “Louis Chevrolet Chrono-Tour Bitcoin Special Edition’.”

The Wristwatch manufacturer created 99 chronograph bitcoin themed wristwatches specifically for bitcoin hodlers. Each timepiece has a unique design and can only be purchased with bitcoin.

The CoinGate crypto payment processor will handle all transactions on the purchase of the luxury watches.

The exact amount of bitcoin paid at the time of purchase will be engraved at the back of the wristwatch, making each timepiece, a unique wonder to behold.

The design is quite beautiful and classy, depicting the real value of bitcoin. The fact that some of the proceeds from the sales of this exquisite timepiece will go to a charitable cause makes it even nobler.

“The adoption of the cryptocurrencies is highly important, and we try to promote its benefits to a variety of businesses from service providers to luxury manufacturers, as Louis Chevrolet Swiss is. The idea behind cryptocurrencies is, essentially, the decentralized and secure payment method that we aim to provide,” said Dmitrijus Borisenka.

As stated earlier, 10 percent from the sale of each wristwatch will go to the European Association Against Leukodystrophies. ELA is a credible organization whose primary objective is to fight against the rare genetic disease that condemns the myelin, a tissue that protects the human nervous system.

“Every week, there are 20 to 40 children born with such disease in Europe only. Fostering research and development, along [with] supporting affected families, is our top priority,” said the ELA team.

Since its inception in 1992, ELA has funded about 447 research projects globally.

Louis Chevrolet

The luxury wristwatch manufacturing firm was established in 2006, in Porrentury, Switzerland. Even though the company’s products are of high quality, they are very much affordable.

Most of the Louis Chevrolet wristwatches are only available online, ensuring that buyers get a fair price at all times.


CoinGate is a Lithuania-based firm that facilitates crypto payments globally. Established in 2014, the firm has been offering highly functional blockchain-based solutions for individuals and firms alike.

The firm has over 50,000 users, including more than 1,500 merchants globally.

ELA is a nonprofit organization that focuses primarily on helping people and families living with a rare genetic condition known as Leukodystrophy.  The foundation has supported over 447 research projects on the matter so far and has financially rendered a helping hand to many families with affected children.

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