Charles Hoskinson Presents “The Symbiosis Between Atala And Cardano”

Cardano continues to make headlines these days due to all kinds of achievements, developments, and bold plans.

Charles Hoskinson dropped an interesting whiteboard presentation that the Cardano community decided to retweet. Check out the post that’s been shared on social media:

Anyway, check out Charles Hoskinson’s video in order to learn all the details:

Discussing the difference between Atala and Cardano

“We would like to discuss the difference between Atala and Cardano. This includes the difference between enterprise\non-enterprise, permissioned\permissionless systems. We would like to clarify the complementary strategy of these two things,” the official notes begin on Cardano’s forum.

The team continues and explains that “Years ago we were building Cardano and many enterprise clients wanted to work with us. They could not go onto permissionless infrastructure because of their lack of control over the platform.”

They also note that they wanted to work with partners on a structure that’s similar to the blockchain.

“Normally, people will use Fabric for this because of the control over consensus and its chaincode or smart contract logic contained within it,” according to the post.

We recommend that you check out the complete blog post in order to learn all the details and that you watch the video above.

In other news, the other day, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson released a brief update on the crypto exchange Bittrex.

The Cardano community also tweeted about this:

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