CEO of SBI group anticipates a hike in Ripple [XRP]’s trading value by 10 times

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of SBI group expects the value of XRP to reach $10 by the end of the year, which is an upsurge of 10 times to its current value. According to the CEO, the continuous rupturing of the market via blockchains and acceptance of cryptocurrency in trading globally will procure XRP at a great pedestal.

Reportedly Ripple has been popularised in the crypto-world due to its low transaction fees and secure holdings.

XRP is dominating the market since last two weeks outperforming the two crypto-giants, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple is currently trading at $ 0.91, which is the highest of the month. The token had hit its four-month low on the 6th of April and was trading at $0.47. Nevertheless, the steady fall in price led to a heavy investment follow-up. XRP price jumped up to $0.9 on the 24th of April with a net value of $35 billion which is almost double the last weeks $18 billion.

Source: TradingView

Last year, in an interview, Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao CEO of SBI Holdings, Japan’s prominent financial services group said that Ripple has been encouraged in Japan because of its technology which is trusted by many financial companies. SBI, Strategic Business Innovator is a financial service company that holds in Ripple and believes that by incorporating the Ripple technology, there will be a reduction in the cost of processing remittances by 33%. The company believes that blockchain technology will become a vital force in the global banking system.

Sandra Giuseppe, a crypto-critic says:


“Ripple is my favorite. 5 reasons why: First of all it allows safe and easy transactions across borders. Being in any part of the world one can feel comfortably numb and not give a shit about their holdings. Second, it’s growing at an exponential rate and since these techs are made by Japanese companies, you can close your eyes and trust them.”

Negan Sanchez, an American Reddit user says:

“I believe Kitako might not be a future teller but his company is nicely associated with Ripple, so why would he lie”

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