Built-in Crypto Wallet Coming to Opera Browser on Android Phones

Opera announced a fully integrated cryptocurrencies wallet will be included with their popular Internet browser.

Opera will become the first major browser with a built-in cryptocurrencies wallet. On a blog post on its website, the company revealed it has already released a private beta version of the feature on Android. “Opera with Crypto Support” will focus on user-friendliness and acceptability.

“We believe the web of today will be the interface to the decentralized web of tomorrow,” said the company in their statement.

Currently, the wallet supports only Ethereum, but Opera hopes to expand the range of available cryptocurrencies in the future. The Norwegian-based team chose Ethereum for its community of developers and adoption of Decentralized Apps (or Dapps). The upcoming versions of the browser will support Ethereum Web3API to improve the integration between those Dapps.

The wallet will store all keys and other important information on the user’s device to retain a high level of security. In addition to that, the company will rely on Android’s built-in security system lock feature, instead of the more traditional PIN codes or passwords.

The company criticized existing Dapp wallet browsers for being very basic and difficult to use. “Our aim was to create a user-controlled crypto wallet that provides enhanced control and security of the keys which are used to control the wallet’s funds.” Opera was also critical of their security, claiming they are prone to tracking and phishing attacks. Previously, it was revealed that such browsers might reveal unlocked MetaMask to malicious sites.

Opera hopes its adoption of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies will lead to a wider acceptance of Web 3.0. The browser will include a “Dapp Explorer” extension, which will help users navigate and discover decentralized apps. The development team plans to include a curated list of applications within the extension that will be updated regularly.

The wallet will automatically be populated with tokens and collectibles. The private beta version of the browser will come with native support for CryptoKitties, a blockchain based game in which players collect, breed and sell virtual cats. The game gained notoriety for clogging up the Ethereum network at the peak of its popularity.

Opera entered crypto news after it provided a built-in cryptojacking protection to its users in January. In June, the company filed with the SEC for an Initial Public Offering to raise $115 million. Earlier this month it was revealed Chinese cryptocurrency unicorn Bitmain would acquire $50 million in shares as part of the IPO.

So far, a release date for the full version of the browser hasn’t been revealed, but users can already sign up to become a beta tester of the feature.

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