Blockchain Platform Telos Launches Crypto Tokens That Act Like Treasurys

Blockchain platform Telos has launched non-fungible crypto tokens (NFTs) that perform similarly to U.S. Treasury bonds, allowing cryptocurrency projects to sell tokens that are locked until maturity.

  • The “T-Bond” NFTs can be sold or traded on secondary markets or used as a yield hedge for tokens offering staking rewards, said Telos in a press release.
  • The tokens will have a lifecycle with three periods: creation, hold/trade and maturity.
  • Cryptocurrency projects can sell tokens that are locked into the NFTs until maturity conditions are met, such as the launch of a mainnet.
  • T-Bond NFTs are a “new option” for any project looking for funding based on future technical achievement, said Douglas Horn, chief architect of the Telos blockchain.
  • The T-Bond NFTs will see their first use in a liquidity pool for Telos’ TLOS token against ether on DeFi platform Uniswap.
  • The company added that T-Bond NFTs are not technically bonds as they are not debt instruments.

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