Blockchain Gaming Platform Forte And Industry Pioneers Partner To Bring New Economic Opportunities To Gaming

Blockchain gaming platform Forte is partnering with gaming industry pioneers Gallium Studios, Monster Ideas, Penrose, and GC Turbo to bring new economic opportunities to gaming.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Forte is developing blockchain technology platforms and products built for the game industry. Its open economic platform aims to address the growing misalignment between game developers and players that has resulted from business models, technology, and community platforms being unable to keep pace with the creative innovations and diverse application of games. It enables the creation of new gameplay and world designs that directly support the long-term health of a game through cooperative player-developer economics, or what Forte calls community economics.

Gallium Studios, Monster Ideas, Penrose and GC Turbo will use Forte’s blockchain-based economic technology to create new community-focused revenue models and player experiences.

“The partners we announced today are all masters of their craft,” said Josh Williams, Forte’s Co-founder and CEO. “They have created and contributed to landmark works that have helped define — and continue to shape—the industry at large. We’ll be combining our economic technology with their extraordinary creative visions to deliver the same type of industry-defining work, and kick-start a new era for games that has community at its core.”

Forte will be working with its portfolio of developer partners to explore, validate, and integrate new gameplay and economic designs in both existing and future games. Some enhance popular gameplay mechanics like earning in-game cosmetics and player rewards. Others explore more radical concepts such as guild ownership and governance, in-game services offered by players to other players, and community-generated experiences.

“Our partnership with Forte lets the community participate in the game economy through content they create and control,” said Lauren Elliott, Co-founder, Gallium Studios. “We’re focused on crafting gameplay and economic designs that are collaborative in nature, so players can engage in original, relevant experiences, and be rewarded for their creativity.”

According to Forte, its technology facilitates the secure and transparent distribution of economics to both players and developers in these new game designs, thereby aligning their efforts to support a game and its community.

“Penrose’s partnership with Forte is a natural evolution of our journey,” said Eugene YK Chung, Founder and CEO of Penrose. “As we continue to craft our virtual worlds, we are pleased to leverage Forte’s strong infrastructure to build a robust economic foundation. Blockchain’s extraordinary long-term potential will ultimately enable us to offer even more collaborative and consistent human experiences in our journey to empower the pursuit of meaning.”

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