Bitsane Cryptocurrency Exchange Upgrades its Platform to Offer More Security

As the value of cryptocurrencies keeps increasing, it’s important for exchanges to have the highest level of security features in order to avoid getting hacked. The Bitsane crypto trading platform has added two-factor authentication as well as other exciting features that will enhance usability and security of the platform. The support team is now available on a 24-hour basis.

Bitsane, an Ireland-based firm lets users trade cryptos in real-time, on its highly secure platform. Users can access the system via mobile phones and on their PCs.

Unlike most exchanges and trading platform that require users to go through various cumbersome processes before they can trade cryptos on their platforms, Bitsane only requires users to register and start trading almost immediately.

Bitsane has fortified its system to withstand external attacks and hacks by implementing advanced DDoS protection, encrypted SSL connection, and cold storage of funds. In recent times, there have been countless cases of hacks and theft of cryptos. Two-factor authentication provides an excellent layer of security for users, ensuring that it’s only the rightful owner of the account that operates it.

Additionally, Bitsane has revamped its support system. There’s now a help center that gives users useful tips on how to use the platform. The support team now functions on a 24/7 basis, offering users quick answers to their queries.

Notably, the Bitsane team will be present at this year’s Consensus event, the fourth biggest annual blockchain summit. Consensus begins on May 14, 2018, and runs until May 16, 2018. The conference will be held in New York City.

The Bitsane team will use the opportunity to promote their highly functional platform. The team will also give out promo codes with trading fee discounts. Interested attendees can obtain their invitation for the event at NYC Sky Room. Consensus 2018 will be held at booth #413 at 4th floor.

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