BitRabbit Bitcoin Exchange Adds Former Alibaba P8 Tech Expert to its Ranks

The BitRabbit team has announced that former P8 technical expert at e-commerce giant Alibaba is no part of its team.

Since its launch on April 2, 2018, the BitRabbit platform has been making a lot of waves in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The platform has gained a lot of media coverage in the region since its inception. Notably, Within just 15 days of its launch, the platform attracted a massive 8500 users from all around the world, including the US, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other nations.

The CEO of the BitRabbit, Ray Cao said that:

“Blockchain is not just a technology; it is more of a complex of ideas, value models, and technologies.”

“In the future blockchain technology needs to return to using the information to bring wealth back to the hands of its information providers.”

The BitRabbit team has put in place a committee to it calls the ‘Decentralized Decision-making Committee.’ This particular task force will ensure there’s no misappropriation of funds on the platform.

Once users smell a rat in the system, they can immediately vote to clear the project, to protect their interest and rights within the platform.

In years to come, the determining factor of who succeeds or who fails in the crypto ecosystem will be the level of transparency and efficiency of the platform. Platforms that cannot protect investors will not be able to participate in the crypto ecosystem.

BitRabbit boast of a system that can handle 1 million transactions per second. The platform is also looking to make it possible to trade options, US stock swaps and other financial derivatives with its platform.

BitRabbit will create Proof-of-Everything consensus whereby the authenticity of credentials is proven.

It will allow transactions such as storage, calculation, and bandwidth to be completed straight from the BitRabbit exchange.

About BitRabbit

BitRabbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets users trade digital currencies as well as other derivatives in real-time.

It’s highly secure and provides users with trading liquidity.

Some of the excellent features of the platform include:

-Very high order processing speeds of 1 million matches per second

-Availability of a demo account for the newbie traders

-International flexible deposit methods

-Derivatives can be traded on the platform

– Supports diversified digital assets trading

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