BitPay Adds Bitcoin Cash to its Payments Offer

BitPay announced an update to its checkout app that will include the much-anticipated addition of Bitcoin Cash to its interface.

Checkout counters in stores using BitPay are about to get a massive upgrade after the company decided to add Bitcoin Cash to its payment options for customers. Until now, the only option customers and stores had when using BitPay was payment through Bitcoin, forcing holders of other cryptocurrencies to convert before making their purchases.

“This new version improves the app’s design and performance, adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) acceptance, and adds BitPay’s changes for Payment Protocol-only payments and other invoice updates. Now brick and mortar businesses can accept error-free Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments in a flash from customers, with no risk of cryptocurrency price volatility,” the company wrote in its announcement.

The new option will be available through an update of the company’s app.The update was expected, as last month it upgraded the app to allow Bitcoin Cash transactions through an online interface.

As a result, the news did not prevent BCH from taking a downturn as trading drew to a close on Tuesday. Whereas other cryptocurrencies were experiencing a boost in their value and market capitalization, the BCH ticker registered a drop of nearly 10% in its USD price throughout the day. This follows its hyper-successful performance resulting in a 100% increase through the week.


Nonetheless, Bitcoin Cash remains one of the top five cryptocurrencies available by market capitalization, and the second largest in its price. With over $23 billion in circulation, stores are now able to tap into a market that was previously untouched.

However, it is noteworthy that BitPay chose not to include Ethereum, as this would have exposed retailers to a market more than three times the size of BCH’s.

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