BitMart is Airdropping Millions of Cryptocandy Every Day – Claim Yours Today!

The cryptocurrency exchange has launched an unprecedented airdrop campaign for registered users.

What is BitMart?

BitMart Exchange is a comprehensive global exchange platform for digital assets, offering a diversified range of functions and services to satisfy the needs of sophisticated cryptocurrency traders and investors. Launched in March, it has over 400,000 registered users from 160 countries.

BitMart offers access to spot and margin trading, contracts, OTC trading, and decentralized solutions for crypto coins and utility tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar Lumen, and BMX, the native token of the exchange. Using a broad mix of tools and services, investors can utilize any trading and hedging strategy regardless of its complexity.

What’s the difference?

BitMart’s ecosystem is based on four pillars: security, deep liquidity, cost-efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Security. BitMart’s trading system uses a strong security mechanism and robust underlying architecture to provide investors with a safe and reliable trading experience. Moreover, BitMart employs a combined hot and cold wallet technology to store digital assets, which adds a layer of protection against hack attacks.

Liquidity. The innovative matching engine technology developed by the company matches the market depth of major exchanges around the world to guarantee that the customer receives the best price on the market. BitMart aims to become the world’s largest liquidity provider of digital assets.

Cost-efficiency. BitMart does not charge transaction fees currently, and asks for a small commission for withdrawal. It is paid in BMX regardless of what tokens are being withdrawn.

User-friendliness. Unlike many exchanges, BitMart welcomes new users and does not keep them waiting for weeks until the registration procedure is completed. It takes a couple of minutes to register with BitMart and start trading right away.

Who’s behind it?

BitMart has an active community that helps to spread the word and create a healthy relationship between users and the company. BitMart’s Twitter channel has over 28,000 followers, while the number of Telegram subscribers has surpassed 21,000. The team behind the project is attending multiple local and international events in the fintech and blockchain industry, promoting the platform and communicating its strategy to potential users and investors.

Why do we need BMX token?

BMX is positioned to appreciate due to its intrinsic value as a utility token for BitMart services and the company’s token burning policy. There are 1 billion BMX tokens in circulation, but BitMart aims to decrease the supply by using 20% of its monthly profits to buy back BMX tokens and destroy them. It means that BMX will become more valuable in time, ensuring growth in earnings for investors.

How do I receive Cryptocandy?

BitMart Exchange offers registered users a unique opportunity to become BMX token holders. The company recently launched its “Millions of Cryptocandy Airdrop!” campaign, which allows platform users to receive free BTC, ETH, EOS, VEN, ABT, XLM, MOBI, BMX, and other tokens listed on BitMart with a single mouse click.

The airdrop is live until June 15. You need to be a registered BitMart user and hold assets in the amount of 0.1 ETH or higher to qualify for participation. Tokens (candies) can be collected daily as long as the campaign is active. The amount of bonus is calculated as a percentage of users’ assets to all assets on the platform. The bigger your account, the fatter the profit!

The airdrop is available both for existing and new users, so if you are not registered with BitMart but want to get free coins, just follow a simple registration procedure to open an account and deposit some coins. Then you are all set to go!

If you need more details about BitMart, visit its website or subscribe to updates on Twitter and Telegram.

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