BitImage ICO Review – Next Generation Digital Media Marketplace

The new digital ere brought channels for digital content delivery and consumption. But during the last years, there have been major changes in public demands already. In 2017 alone, the world digital content market amounted $200 billion dollars, representing a 10% increase compared to 2016.

Authors were able to sell their content on photo stock agencies, and at the same time, customers could access to the necessary digital media content.  But now, these stocks do not meet the demand of our times. There are some problems: copyright violation, price monopolization, high prices for customers, and low payments to authors.

But BitImage offers a solution for these problems. BitImage is the next generation marketplace for digital media content exchange. With a decentralized content licensing and blockchain technology, authors are able to protect copyright safety.

The platform works features cryptocurrencies and smart contracts that will allow customers to pay to the authors without any third party involvement. Smart contracts ensure automatic fulfilment of contract terms.

Customers would be able to search and find necessary content fast, and at the same time, other market opportunities will be presented for users. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will check and validate digital content in just a few minutes. But at the same time, it increases authors income and saves their time.

BitImage Team and Advisors

Kirill Yusov is the director and Founder of BitImage. He has wide experiencing in managing IT businesses worldwide. He has experience in Blockchain projects and he is a passionate of cryptocurrencies.

Xenia Sokolova is the Head of Operations at BitImage. She has experience in different IT projects that ensures her strong organization and planning skills.

Bohdan Nikitin is the Head of Development of BitImage. He has been working in different companies in the software development field.

Andrii Holovin is an iOS developer that has a deep understanding of all development processes and experience in working as a team lead. He will be the iOS developer of BitImage.

Oleh Romanenchuk will be the Android developer. The mobile version of BitImage will play an important role for the project as a whole. And it is necessary to have an expert in the field with many years of practice.

Other team members that we can mention are Irene Hozhenko, UX/UI Designer, Vadym Balan, Frontend Developer, Denis Parafilo, Java/Blockchain developer, Ellina Bereza, Marketing Specialist, Valery Kornus, SMM Manager, and Ann Zubarieva, SMM Manager.

At the same time, BitImage has some important advisors like Anton Vorontsov, Sasha Andrieiev, Robert Levin, and Anastasia Green.

Token Information

BitImage will be using a utility token based on the ERC20 standard. With it, individuals will be able to perform purchases on the platform. 10,000,000,000 BIM will be created.

The hard cap is 42,000 ETH and the Soft Cap is 2000 ETH. 1 ETH equals 130,000 BIM.

The token distribution will be as follows:

  • 52% for the crowdsale
  • 18% for the team
  • 10% for the presale
  • 10% as reserved funds
  • 6% bounty
  • 4% Advisors and partners

The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 50% development
  • 30% marketing
  • 5% management
  • 5% risk management
  • 5% infrastructure
  • 5% Legal and Licensing

BitImage presale is starting on April the 26th and will last until May the 24th. Those early investors will receive 30% bonus on their purchase. This is a very important point to take into account while investing. At the time of being profitable 30% bonus is definitely a good choice to start


The company has uploaded a very attractive Roadmap that explains how the ICO will be developing the project in the next months and years. Between July and September, they will continue with the iOS and Android applications with images supporting only. At the same time, they will start with the web application development, backend and API development, Administrative Panel development, and other developments.

There is information available until 2020 when they have planned the launch of the third massive marketing campaign, and when they will start working in order to support the development for other popular digital content.


BitImage wants to solve one of the problems that the marketplace for media digital content is facing nowadays. The company has a young but prepared team to perform all the tasked proposed and take this project ahead.

The white paper is clear, but it lacks some technical information that should be placed and its important for investors.

Taking this out, the project seems interesting and could bring results for the future if they are able to develop the products and services that they have proposed.


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