Bitcoin, Bunnies, and Brothels! The Day Has Come Where Pleasures Can Be Paid For With Crypto

The crypto space is increasingly becoming attractive to those in the adult entertainment industry, with the latest from the industry being an infamously known legal brothel in Nevada.

A brothel in the U.S. is celebrating being the first of its kind to accept Bitcoin “in return for sexual services” and yes, it’s legal – on both fronts.

Widely known for being one of the few places operating in a state where prostitution is legal in some parts, the Bunny Ranch announced Tuesday that it’s accepting Bitcoin.

Let’s go over this establishment’s crypto move.

Bitcoin and prostitution

Located in Nevada, Bunny Ranch has operated as a legal brothel for decades. Its owner Dennis Hof has been working for months to make Bitcoin a payment option for visitors.

Earlier this year, he told International Business Times about his plans to offer Bitcoin payment options at all seven of his brothels. He’s enamored with how the crypto could boost business at his establishments because of the perceived anonymity of the virtual currencies.

He said to IB Times:

“There are people out there that are not coming here because there is not enough anonymity in their credit card, in their debit card, and they don’t have the access to a lot of cash without their wife seeing the withdrawals. With this [bitcoin], nobody knows. And that’s what the Bunny Ranch is about, privacy and discretion.”

Bunnies speak

A reporter who roamed the ranch in search of comments about Bitcoin acceptance found a ‘bunny’ who explained how the transaction had worked for her.

She said:

“A wonderful and rather tech-savvy client came in offering to purchase my services with Bitcoin. [Dennis Hof] approved it, and we executed a transfer from the customer’s Bitcoin wallet to my own. I then paid cash from my personal stash to the office.”

Bunny Ranch boasts being savvy when it comes to keeping up with the latest tech trends. It claims to be the first brothel to have a website. It also has a “large” social media presence, a live video streaming program, and a podcast.

For some reason, they are also bragging about being in the process of incorporating sex robots into their lineup of women.

Moving on…

On another bunny front

The Bunny Ranch isn’t the only adult entertainment industry player that’s getting into crypto. We told you in March about Playboy’s moves in the space.

Seeking to capitalize on the opportunities of the crypto world, the men’s lifestyle entertainment icon Playboy is rolling out a crypto wallet so viewers can enjoy its services, including Playboy.TV more anonymously.

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