Bitcoin Above $9,000, All the Forks are Back

An endless hunger for the fresh series of price spikes saw a few of the more prominent BTC forks rise as well.

Christine Masters,
3 hrs ago


Curiously, we may soon see a “flippening” between BTG and Bitcoin Private (BTCP).

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is also intriguing, growing by more than 123% in the past week, to $57.60. What is unusual is that this asset is starting to pick up trading volumes, boosted by the Nanex exchange. Additionally, the project is active with marketing and promotions.

Looks like @TREZOR just added code to support @bitcoinprivate

— Chris Sulmone (@sulmone) April 23, 2018

Curiously, the related asset from which BTCP was forked, is also seeing a pump.ZCL is now at $13.01, up more than 57% overnight, and growing by nearly 150% in the past week. Undetermined rumors of the coin becoming active again, or possibly going through another fork, may be causing the spike.

Bitcoin Diamond (BTD), which started off with a low price, and has never been far above $60, appreciated by 60% this week, picking up to $4.85. Yet this is also short-term speculation, and trading has been negligible for this coin.

Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) also heated up, growing by 40% in the past seven days to $81.27, adding another 13% overnight.

However, more obscure Bitcoin forks have not shared in the price growth, and some have lost half their value overnight. The handful of forks that happened soon after the SegWit2X event was canceled seemed to survive a bit better – but the more obscure the fork, the worse the results. BTCP is the one case where the start was underwhelming, and the coin is still fighting to be accepted on major exchanges.