BidiPass Snags Blockchain Expert Keith Teare as Advisory Board Member

BidiPass, the world’s first patented blockchain-based encruption provider has signed up Keith Teare on its advisory board.

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As more and more companies are integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into their platforms, a few renowned sector experts are becoming highly sought after as key advisors. Keith Teare, a founding shareholder in TechCrunch and a leading figure in several successful international Silicon Valley projects, is one of them, so BidiPass’s recent announcement that Teare will be joining their advisory board was met with great enthusiasm. BidiPass, a decentralized securitization ecosystem based on QR codes, believes the move will help them roll out their product to the international blockchain community more effectively.

BidiPass Executive Chairman Fernando Albarrán says, “I am excited about getting Keith on board because of his proven track record of success. He has a prolonged trajectory in international projects, and his involvement with our project and mentorship will help us to effectively develop our platform and successfully pitch our much-needed tool to the international community.”

BidiPass is the world’s first patented blockchain-based encryption provider. Notably, Latin American and Spanish-based Clarke, Modet and Co., has appraised their patent in the millions of dollars.

Teare has played key roles in successful companies like Archimedes Labs, Minds and Machines Inc, MedCo, EasyNet and RealNames. He’s also an advisor in other top blockchain tech companies like Crypterium, MediChain, and PavoCoin, among others. Teare has said that at this stage of his career his life’s work has become about guiding ambitious projects that he believes are at the point of revolutionary change. He seeks out companies that he believes are driving innovation and that will benefit from his mentorship. While Teare has recently become a household name in the crypto-community, his star has burned bright in the digital startup world since the 1980s.

As its name suggests, BidiPass is like a transaction passport to the world. Albarrán points out that the platform has infinite uses as an offsite and onsite authentication tool and is available to thousands of companies and service providers. It’s a solution that eliminates security flaws while it simplifies identity authentication in transactions anywhere in the world. What’s particularly novel about the BidiPass product is that it allows users to conduct all their day-to-day activities with just one solution. Their sophisticated bi-directional encryption method not only protects vendors from fraud, but it also shields users themselves from various forms of identity theft.

Because the platform is based on blockchain, BidiPass introduces smart contracts into everyday transactions via their BidiKey technology. BidiKey can be used via a mobile phone or desktop computer even if the user is offline, without the need to constantly produce plastic cards and numerous passwords. The platform can also be adopted by businesses that need to track tickets for events, it can be used as a boarding pass, and can even ensure that tickets haven’t been unlawfully transferred to unauthorized users. Teare says all these capabilities are why he’s keen to work with the BidiPass team. “I’m looking forward to seeing the implementation of the BidiPass platform to secure our day-to-day transactions. This is the way of the future for both consumers and product and service providers. Simple, safe and secure,” he argues.

BidiPass transactions are powered by the BDP token that is used throughout the ecosystem. The company will launch its public ICO in the coming days under the guidance of ICOBox, the world’s premier SaaS solution for blockchain growth promotion, after current negotiations on agreements and collaboration with advisors and partners are finalized.
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