Belize’s IFSC Warns Against Unregulated Firm Due to Forged License

Belize’s financial watchdog (IFSC) ‎today warned investors that GNT Group Limited, which operates under the trading name GNTFX, is falsely claiming to hold International Business Company registration in Belize while not actually licensed by the commission ‎or any other competent authority in the country.

Not only did the broker approach clients without having been authorized by the Belizean ‎regulator, but it further falsely claims an office at the Marina Towers in Belize City, Belize C.A.‎

Due to the illegal nature of its conduct, the online foreign exchange trading firm has been ‎instructed by the IFSC to cease and desist from providing financial services and engaging in ‎finance oriented activities. Offering such services in this manner is a violation of the law in ‎Belize.‎

Traders are strongly advised against signing up with, funding an investing account at, or ‎receiving any financial services or advice from this brokerage. The IFSC advises that clients ‎exercise extreme caution when they encounter this company.‎

A few weeks ago, the Belizean financial watchdog warned traders against LittInvest LTD, which operates through the website It had been falsely claiming to ‎be licensed by the IFSC. The online trading company was soliciting forex, CFDs, stocks, indices, ‎and commodities trading to local clients.‎

The Belizean regulatory body has also alerted locals that ICON Markets Ltd is no longer licensed by the regulator, as they too had been approaching the public and offering them financial ‎services without the mandatory license.‎

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