ASUS Unveils Crypto Mining Motherboard That Houses 20 GPUs

ASUS, the multinational computer hardware and electronics company, just unveiled a motherboard possessing a gargantuan capacity to mine cryptocurrency. The high-end motherboard can house 20 graphics cards (GPUs) and boasts a new chipset and greater availability than their last motherboard.

A Miniature Crypto Mining Farm

Last year, the computer hardware giant ASUS debuted a B250 mining motherboard that could equip 19 GPUs, but that wasn’t enough. Accordingly, they’ve now developed the new H370 Mining Master motherboard tailored explicitly for cryptocurrency miners.

The new H370’s announcement post read:

“ASUS is excited to announce the new H370 Mining Master motherboard that increases density with support for up to 20 graphics cards, simplifies connectivity by letting USB riser cables plug directly into the PCB, and reduces downtime by making problems easier to diagnose.”

The new motherboard remarkably boasts of supporting 20 GPUs, amounting to a miniature mining farm. The motherboard makes maintenance easier, as it cuts down on the number of necessary components,  ensuring less downtime.

Going into technical details, ASUS explained:

“This direct connection is sturdier than using a PCIe card, with less chance of inadvertent disconnects, and it reduces the total number of parts in your mining rig. Less time maintaining your machine means more time mining with it, which is why the H370 Mining Master includes a suite of diagnostic features designed to make your platform easier to manage.”

The new motherboard will hit the North America market starting in the third quarter of 2018. As for now, it’s unclear how much the ASUS will charge for the mining-focused motherboard.

Too Late to Enter Crypto Space?

ASUS’ new high-end motherboard is awe-inspiring, but the release may be too late to make a major difference in the market. There has been a major trend toward ASICs and ASIC-like devices in the cryptoverse in recent months.

Until now, the second largest cryptocurrency ether (ETH) has been mined using millions of GPUs, but the impending entry of ASIC-like ETH miners manufactured by Chinese crypto mining hardware company Bitmain could diminish the dominance of GPUs in the market.

ASIC miners are not general and are designed to perform a particular computational task. Therefore when compared to GPU miners, they tend to be  considerably faster and more efficient. And as these miners continue to spread, GPUs may be making a steady outro — though time will tell.

In the mean time, GPU makers are going to do what they do best, and miners will continue to use them until it’s clearly no longer economically feasible.

What’s your take? Do you think the age of ASICs is upon us? Or do you think GPUs aren’t going anywhere any time soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Images via ASUS North America, GPU0

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