Asus Builds a Computer Motherboard for Mining Crypto

Asus an electronic company is making its access to crypto miners by proposing a computer motherboard. It has planned to manage the complex calculations which are crucial for advancing and enhancing Digital tokens. The firm has built a control center pre-boot to audit the status of GPUs plugged into the board.

ASUSTeK on the urge to mine crypto

ASUSTeK Computer is a Taiwanese multinational computer, phone hardware and electronic company. It is headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei Taiwan. The company manufactures products like desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipments, monitors, WiFi routers, projectors and various other multimedia projectors. Recently, Asus was marked as 4th largest PC vendor by the 2015 unit sales.

On Wednesday, the motherboard was displayed to the public; it is supporting nearly 20 graphic cards or the hardware which allows computer to produce advanced videos and images. Motherboard is called as H370 Mining Master. These are all essentials components for mining cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Asus says that the design makes it easier and simpler for users. They can plug in USB riser cables directly into the printed circuit board (PCB). The motherboard is large size ATX board with an LGA 1151 socket for Intel 8th generation core, Pentium and Celeron CPUs.

Motherboard to enhance new phase for mining crypto

Several crypto miners have built their own computers and assume motherboard as the principle segment of a computer to execute their activities. Asus alleges that the motherboard has shorten the time and takes time to set up for mining and reduces the chance of reckless found in other boards and makes it simple to analyze the problems.

Asus conveys that it has utilized the technology which is learned from its original motherboard. It is on the on the process to updates the design for this upcoming launch. Further it adds that the concept featured by the company which has practice and gains more insights on what miners needs. The people have redefined the formula for a second generation.

As per reports, Asus have not disclosed the price and motherboard is available from the month of July to September. According to the Verge, the motherboard is estimated to range from $50 to $400. It is much similar to the boards manufactured on the site for sale.

Asus believes that cryptocurrencies will boom in the market and makes improved mining hardware. Earlier, in the month of September 2017, the company has launched the B250 mining expert motherboard and sells for $141.98 on Amazon.

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