Yesterday saw the initiation of the well anticipated TRON MainNet launch. The launch see’s TRON move from the Ethereum blockchain onto its own, brand-new, shiny blockchain. At the moment, the MainNet is in a beta-phase, meaning that testing is still on going and that bugs will exist. As a result of this, TRON have recently raised a bounty for any developers who spot bugs, offering up to a $100,000.00 pay out to anyone who successfully locates and importantly, reports such bugs.

This is mostly a bid to prevent people from taking action against such vulnerabilities, as if this did occur, the MainNet would end up taking an entirely different direction.

So, how is TRON looking today?

At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.060, down 2.18%.

Overall, TRON has had a bad run at the moment which is why it’s undervalued, to this extent. This has been amplified by poor market conditions that have in turn zapped the life out of the markets, TRON has suffered quite a lot as a result of this. We must consider though, this MainNet is still in beta-mode so to speak and therefore, investors are bound to be a little wary. Therefore, I am confident that the current value of TRON is not representative of TRON’s potential, overall, TRON will come back from this and will start to climb again.

Before we see this start to happen though, we should expect TRON to remain in this disadvantaged position for some time.

What next for TRON?

Well, as the MainNet becomes more embedded, we should expect to see some changes take place. Vulnerabilities will be exposed and mediated, of course, they will be fixed but this sort of news is only going to contribute to the value of TRON moving downwards. However, as the MainNet settles down and approaches its next phase, set for the 26th of June 2018, hopefully by then, TRON will start to make tracks. Be patient with this one, then, hopefully, your patience will pay off.

Bear in mind that this is not investment advice, there’s a lot of research to be done into TRON, so, if you want to invest, go and do that first.

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