1K More YFI Proposed to Be Minted, How Will YFI Price Be Impacted?

Yearn Finance’s Limited Total Supply at the Stake!

Yearn Finance, the token due to which the DeFi space attained mainstream attention, mainly due to its limited supply of 30,000 tokens is at threat. A proposal that intends to compensate the contributors by minting more YFI tokens is under discussion on the governance forum.

Miners Garden
Miners Garden

Infact, one of the members of the community has wholeheartedly committed to match up 20 YFI tokens for this cause. Moreover, if the newly minted tokens which will be worth more than $32 million at the press time will be kept locked in a multisig would probably make many people in the YFI community uneasy.

The reason is much simpler, more influx of liquidity into the platform might hammer the YFI price which may slide down as many of them may just walk out of the community selling off their holdings. However, not many people are in favor of the proposal and they hope if the rewards are necessary then let them be in the form of existing YFI tokens or fiat.

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Too Many Ascending Triangles, What Awaits the YFI Price Ahead?

The YFI’s roller coaster is one of the most thrilling rides not only in the DeFi space but the entire crypto space. This token reached its highs above $40k twice and also declined to as low as $7K too, which clearly manifested the capacity of the token to fight to regain lost positions.

YFI price

Currently, the YFI price is $31747 at press time, trading in a very narrow range and formed as many as multiple ascending triangles and some fake breakouts. In some instances, the price broke the resistance line of the triangle and also broke down below smashing the support line of the triangle.

However, currently the price is yet again trending in an ascending triangle where-in a upward break out is the need of the hour. The rebound from the support levels may end up the token to surge to new highs, heading strongly towards it’s ATH, else may slip to the lowest levels below $30,000.

However, the coming couple of hours are pretty decisive for the YFI price which showcases the upcoming movements of the YFI price. One of the popular analysts CryptoBoss believes the YFI bull rally will continue as the triangle breakout forecasting an uptrend is imminent.

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